Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The #Obamacare Nightmare Continues

The un-affordable care act strikes again. This time to the tune of $4487.77

It's that time of year- you know, the time when our new plans with high deductibles and out-of-pocket-maxes start over.  Who can afford 4K in one month? And for us, it will be 6K by the time we reorder the IGG, a blood product my son infuses weekly, at the end of the month.  Before the law, the copay was $16 a month. Add that up times twelve, and it is still a far cry from $6,000.

We've done all we can do to make the Republicans wake up and fight this disastrous law that is harming millions of Americans. I've brought these bills to their DC offices..... called, Tweeted, emailed, written letters, all to no avail. They ignore us. They ignore the fact that my boys' (and many other Americans') lifesaving medications are no longer covered. 

The American people are suffering and the DC elite are up there enjoying cocktails and laughing at how stupid they think we are.  They are going to pass another standalone bill, using the reconciliation process to repeal Obamacare.  Hello? You people funded Obamacare on December 18th. WHY on earth would you fund something you say you want gone SO badly.... oh right, it's an election year. Need show votes to convince voters that they are really trying to stop Obamacare. The reality is that Obama will veto and they have no leverage.  If they had defunded Planned Parenthood, Obama's amnesty, Obamacare on the recent omnibus, they could have used the leverage of a government shutdown to gain actual conservative victories.

I cropped out my son's name and date of birth on this screenshot. Before Obama's namesake law, we didn't have to call the drug company about drug assistance programs....we paid the $16 copay, then it went to $33 and now this.  Average Americans cannot afford this.

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Maybe some Executive Action by our President will be able to help you.


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