Saturday, January 30, 2016

Town Halls

I've been blessed 1) by being endorsed by Greg Brannon and 2) being asked to speak at his town halls in the  5th district.

As you may have noticed, I'm not doing a stellar job of blogging about my days on the trail! Here are a few pictures from the town halls I've spoken at recently. 

I've got a good excuse for not blogging, I'm out door knocking. I'm closing in on 8000 total! 

Carolina Red Clay

I had a great time on the trail today. Knocked on doors in Statesville and spoke at a town hall in Hickory, NC.

I knocked on doors down this beautiful dirt road. Carolina clay! Met some amazing folks...... everyone I spoke to is tired of Republicans who don't stand up. Tired of being ignored. Tired of career politicians. 

The bottom two photos are a few from the town hall.

Obamacare Continues to Cause Problems

You know it's bad when you receive this message in your inbox.  It's going to cost $850 plus.........hence the reason they wanted to discuss payment options. I thought we had the pre-auth approved, but received this message and found out it hasn't come through. 

This used to be $131 for a three month supply for at least 6 years before Obamacare. I have the invoices posted on my blog in a post from several years ago. 

Adding to the Obamacare nightmare, pre-auth or not, the copay for this med doesn't go toward our deductible or OOP  Max. January is t even over and we have already met and exceeded our OOP Max. 


Here's what the primary ballot looks like. I've had a great time going door to door. One question people ask frequently, "So, you are really on the ballot?" Yes, I am. 

I've also had to convince more than one person that I am actually running for Congress. I've not met anyone who has ever had a congressional candidate come to their door before I showed up at their doorstep! 

Today, I'm off to door knock in Statesville and then will be speaking at a town hall in Hickory. I love meeting all the wonderful people of NC05. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Won't You Reconsider?

A few days ago, I received an email asking me to reconsider my stance on Planned Parenthood. I'm not sure her party affiliation and I don't know how anyone would ever think I'd  reconsider my stance. Here was my reply: 

I've only run into 3 Republican supports of PP in my over 7500 doors I've knocked on. Yesterday, I met one man who said God is in charge of our souls and we can do whatever we want with our body, thus what PP is doing is okay. I later met a man who was angry to see me at his door. He feels like PP is getting a bad rap because of the videos. 

I meet all types of people going door to door. Most of the folks I meet stand where I do and are as fed up as I am with being ignored in DC. Most are outraged over continued funding of PP. 

Today, I was at it again. Everyone I spoke to was appalled by what PP has been doing and wants federal funding halted. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Newsflash: I Carry a Gun

Newsflash: I carry a gun for self-defense, should the need arise.
I offended a liberal because I talk about guns and mentioned I was prepared to neutralize any threat from attack dogs. Always an anonymous liberal, of course.  This person is also *offended* that I called the attack dog Democrat a whacko liberal.
Excuse me? If a conservative yelled at a liberal not to enter their yard, said his dogs would attack said liberal, I'd be calling that conservative a whacko conservative. 
I LOVE guns. I am prepared to use them in defense of myself, my family and the people I love. If you send your dogs to attack me, I WILL shoot them. Right in front of you. I love animals, but if one is attacking me, I will neutralize the threat. Period. Instead of coming after me for carrying a gun, we should be discussing how it's not okay to threaten people with lethal weapons called attack dogs. 
Perhaps the moral of the story for liberals is:
Don't threaten good folks with attack dogs. Some people carry guns. If your dogs attack people, your dogs may not survive.....unless they attack an unarmed person. That wouldn't be me. I love guns and am always armed where legal. 
Yes, I am always armed where legal. I hope I never have to use my gun in defense of LIFE, but I am prepared to do so. Don't tread on me. I unabashedly embrace the second amendment. 

All this being said, I think the story was funny since no one was harmed. I might not be laughing if the woman in my earlier blog post had actually sent her dogs to attack me, but since it turned out okay in the end, I am laughing. I wouldn't have had to think about my gun that day if I had not been threatened with attack dogs. 
I have a sense of humor. I am an equal opportunity story teller and I hold ALL elected officials accountable- have you seen my blog posts and activism record of going after conservatives!? 

Friday, January 22, 2016

How Congress Funded Planned Parenthood

People keep asking me how Congress funded Planned Parenthood in the December omnibus spending bill. 

Congress needed to place a rider on the omnibus prohibiting federal funding going to PP under Title X and via Medicaid. 

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has been a recipient of federal dollars under Title X of the Public Health Service Act and via Medicaid reimbursements, among other sources. Last reporting year, Planned Parenthood received $528 million in taxpayer dollars – 41% of its total revenue – a significant portion of which comes from these federal government programs.

Virginia Foxx voted to fund PP when she voted for the omnibus that contained NO rider to prevent the over $500 million from going to Planned Parenthood.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Dogs Will Attack You!

I made it to 100 houses today. Met some absolutely wonderful people! People are FED up! AND they aren't stupid! Most of the people we have in DC right now think we the people are a much of morons. 

Newsflash: If Republicans hadn't funded Planned Parenthood on December 18th, they wouldn't have had to pretend they were trying to defund it this month. The American people are on to your tricks and we are coming to take our country back. We will not be ignored any longer! 
It is SO great to get out and talk to people who feel the same way I do. Of course, that is not always the case....every once in a while I go to a house where the Republican has moved away..........

Left one front porch and walked toward the house next door. There was a lady sitting on porch. Because I was close enough (at property line from her R neighbors), I told her that I was running for Congress in the Republican primary. 
She snapped, "Don't step foot in my yard! I've got dogs that will attack you! I vote Democrat!" 
I smiled and said, "Have a great day," as I was thinking, "I've got a 9mm that can take care of any dogs that attack." (no fence in back or front) I walked down the property line as I scoped the yard for "attack dogs". Thankfully, none appeared. 
A man pulled up as I was crossing the street to go to the next Republican house on the list. I was almost at the driveway and he said, "She's older and can't come to the door, I get her mail." The woman on the porch yelled at him with disgust, "She's a REPUBLICAN and she's running for Congress." 
I waved and yelled back, "I love Democrats, too!"
I'm definitely writing a book. Wow. Really? She probably supports gun control and would have freaked out if she knew I was carrying my 9mm concealed. I always carry when I go door to door, you never know what kind of crazy people you might run into. In this case, the Republican had moved and I ran into a whacko liberal.

What kind of person says these kind of things? 

A few houses earlier, I knocked on the door of a registered Republican who said he likes Trump and Sanders. That was mind boggling. I've been home a few hours and still can't wrap my mind around THAT one! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

7000 Doors!

Today, I knocked on my 7000th door! It has been fun getting to know the people of North Carolina's 5th Congressional district. Thankful that God has given me the strength I need to keep on knocking. I am determined to make our voices heard in DC!

I've been out in all sorts of weather. When I get cold or tired, I think of Valley Forge. The other day it was very cold and rainy. Everything hurt. I kept on going - I kept thinking of what our founders sacrificed and went through and tridding through the wet mist on a cold day with fancy Merril hiking boots seemed like a walk in the park compared to what they endured. Blessed not to have rags on my feet in place of shoes. 

Today was amazing. I knocked on 141 doors to reach my 7000th door. Met some truly amazing Americans. Most everyone who was home today feelings the same way I do---tired of being ignored by the establishment in DC. 

8,000 doors, here I come! 

Imagine a Liberal Republican

Yesterday, I received this note on a letter that was opened and returned to me. A man attached this note to it and spent .49 cents to send it all back. Pray for him. 

He's a registered Republican, too. Did he switch to the anti-God Democratic Party recently? 

I cannot even imagine doing something like this, much less spending ANY money to do it. He damned his own name in his note. 

This definitely makes the "weird things that happen when you run for office" file. I wonder if people like this think they get under my skin? They don't. We prayed for him yesterday after we laughed over his note. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Obamacare Nightmare in FULL Swing!

And..... the 2016 Obamacare nightmare is in full swing! Trying to figure out how to pay $4487 for IGG. Tried to reorder earlier this week, but was denied approval for the drug company program and told to try again on the 8th. Today, no one knows what is happening and we have to wait to see if we are approved for the program, but as of yet, no...... we don't have $4.5K in credit folks, we aren't the government and can't keep running with $19 trillion in debt. In the real world, it just doesn't work that way. 

I can't write what I am thinking about the Democrats who rammed this law down our throats and the Republicans who continue to fund it...... it is not appropriate for FB. I'll try to phrase it without colorful language. 

The Republicans are celebrating their show vote yesterday. They voted to "dismantle" Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood....just 3 short weeks after they FULLY FUNDED them both. HYPOCRITES! They all know full well they have NO LEVERAGE and cannot override Emperor Obama's veto. The time to STAND UP AND FIGHT was on the omnibus spending bill that funded these things. USE THE LEVERAGE OF A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN! 

But the spineless jellyfish are more worried about their next election and stigma from a partial government shutdown (the government doesn't really shut down, checks go out) than they are standing up for the American people! 

I had a man last night tell me that I don't know how government works because I told him I don't fear a government shutdown. Hello? We shut it down and won the LARGEST Republican majority in the House in over 80 years. THAT SCREAMS "WE THE PEOPLE WANT YOU A$*hats TO FIGHT OBAMA'S LIBERAL TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA!" actually fight. You know, stand the freak up for principles, stand up for God, stand up for what you actually SAY you believe in. 

I told him some of that plus I said, "If we are not willing to shut the government down for those babies we've all seen moving in the bowls at Planned Parenthood about to have their organs harvested, then we are as morally bankrupt as the Democrats." When it was my turn to speak last night, I looked directly at this man when I told the entire room EXACTLY what I had told him privately. 

We are battling for the soul of our nation. We are FIGHTING for those Americans who are unable to stand up and fight for themselves. WE WILL BE JUDGED BY GOD for our action or inaction. I also told that man, "I am on the side of God Almighty and I am not afraid to stand up and fight." 

I WILL NOT BACK DOWN. I will stand up in the face of opposition -- even if I am the only one standing. This battle we fight is not for the faint of heart. Now is the time to suit up in the armor of Christ. Stand and be counted. He will give you all the courage and strength you need to fight this battle.

Graduation is Coming!

I wanted to take a minute and brag about my oldest. He headed back to college this morning and we are so proud of the young man he has become. He went to Belmont Abbey with no college credits and will be graduating a 4 year program in 3 years! He's worked several jobs and managed to graduate in 3 years.  He's heading back today to attend training to be a resident assistant this semester. He also works at Food Lion and works for the Carolina Panthers. He loves working for the Panthers! Given how much he loves football, this is the PERFECT job for him. #KeepPounding

God is good. I give Him the credit. We homeschooled Matthew his entire life-he never attended traditional school-- but his graduating in 3 years is a testament to what God can do! With all the medical "stuff" my youngest two had growing up, I know that it was God who made up for where we were lacking in our homeschool. We used Seton Home Study School for our curriculum and we can't say enough wonderful things about it.

As he headed out the door today, I asked God to protect Him as he travels and is away at school this last semester. I also thanked God for the amazing young man he has become. Pro-life, practicing his faith - never misses church on Sunday or Holy days and he's a conservative. If you've read my blogs, you know that he has always been active in the pro-life movement -- and this continues. His fiancee is working at Room at the Inn of the Triad, a place where Matthew served on the board of Trustees from the age of 16 until he was 20! Yes, as 16, he served on the board of trustees of a nonprofit.

As I look back, I remember the day he bought his first car. Used, like his mom and dad buy <smile>. He held that pink title in his hands and said to us, "I can't believe I own this!" He saved his money and we gave him a little cash as a graduation gift. He spent $3,000 and bought the car he's had these past 3 years. His dad helps him fix it on breaks (Another requirement for the boys in our house-auto repair classes) and he's managed to keep it running.

I remember the day he decided to start Triad Students for Life. He set up the entire organization, he and his friends elected officers and they proceeded to pray once a month at clinics and managed to raise enough money to take an entire busload of people to the March for Life one year. It was amazing- we had people from our town we'd never met get on that bus. Several had never been because they couldn't afford the trip, and here these kids had raised the money, planned the trip, scheduled the bus and filled it with pro-lifers. They didn't charge these folks a penny- made sure people brought their own for, food money and snacks for the trip.

It seems like just yesterday that he was a little boy throwing sticks in the yard. He graduates in May and gets married in June. I'm looking forward to seeing where God takes him........ We are blessed. We serve an amazing God who truly made up for our shortcomings. We did the best we could parenting and homeschooling, but God is the one to whom we give the credit.

Number 7

I've knocked on 6,489 doors and only run across 7 Foxx supporters, well, at least 7 who would admit they are Foxx supporters. Only two people have refused to  take my information. I think I've mentioned the others in the past-- 3 of them do not like her voting record, yet they say they will vote for her anyway.  Bizarre? The rest of the people I have been blessed to speak to are much like me. VERY angry with the national Republican party. The anger is much worse since the omnibus vote.

On to the three who don't like her voting record. One said she is the only politician he would cut some slack because she helped his son with a veteran's issue.  Isn't that her job? I  think it is unconscionable that our veterans have to go begging their elected offices to help them! No veteran should ever have to beg help from a politician.

The second guy really didn't like her voting record (I bet the omnibus vote has him hot under the collar), but he's been friends with her for so many years, that he's going to vote for her anyway.  :face palm:  If I go to DC and screw up, I expect my friends would chase me down and give me a what for, then never vote for me again! My friends have principles.

Then there is the guy yesterday. My word. I walked up to his house and told him who I was and he said, "I don't want your information. I won't vote for you because you don't have a chance of winning." I asked him what he thought of Foxx's voting record and he sounded off about how he doesn't like how she votes, but since I can't win, he's voting for her. I smiled and told him, "When I win, I'll be representing you." He shot back, "I will support you then."

What on earth? Are people completely void of principles? Still..... only 7-- it's definitely not a good number for Foxx. Some of the things people say about her during my house visits cannot be repeated online. Let's just say that the gig is up. The American people are smart. They see through the show vote this week to "dismantle" Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. The idiots just voted to fully and both of these 3 weeks ago. Republicans can't have it both ways.

Republicans are now complicit in Obamacare, Obama's amnesty, the Syrian refugee program, Planned Parenthood and all of Obama's agenda. THEY VOTED TO FUND IT. The fight was at the omnibus. The House should have exercised the power of the purse - a constitutional DUTY -- on December 18.

Leadership, here we come!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bless You're Heart.......You're Middle-Aged

I am so glad to have been raised in the south. If you aren't familiar with the way we southerners use the term "Bless you're heart",  I'll explain.  It can either be a genuine sign of pity for the person to whom it is being spoken to, or in the case of utter stupidity, we southerners also use it as a polite way to say, "Aww, you're an idiot and just can't help it."

I've already made it to 298 doors this week and will be heading out again this afternoon. The weather has been somewhat cold. I've been wearing my gloves in the mornings before it warms up a bit and then again in the evenings as it starts to cool down. I've had so many sweet people tell me, "Bless your heart for being out in this cold weather."  It could have been used either way, I suppose.

If we want to overcome the DC establishment, it's going to take a lot of hard work. Grassroots is the great equalizer - I'm closing in on 7,000 doors. My goal is 10,000 doors, but I think I am on track to hit 12,000. When my legs get tired or my back starts hurting, I keep on going because I remind myself that this is not about me. This is about restoring America for our children and our grandchildren. I believe that with all my heart. This is about we the people taking back that which is rightfully ours. Our government. We will show the DC establishment that Foxx's $2 million cash on hand cannot overcome the power of we the people.

Not bad for a middle-aged woman! <laughter>  I just realized yesterday that I am middle-aged. <smile> Well, I knew it, but honestly, never really thought about it much.  I met the sweetest couple yesterday, 

I knocked on the door and an older gentleman answered. After I told him why I was there, he got rather excited and said, "You've got to come in!" As I entered the house he yelled, "Honey! Come meet our next congressman!" 

Giving out yard signs
He asked me several questions about what I've done in the past, my military experience, where I went to college, etc. Then he asked, "You look very young, how old are you?" I replied, "Forty-seven." He said, "WOW! Forty-seven and you've already done so much. It's nice to see middle-aged people stepping up to help restore out country."  I talked with them both for a while and before leaving the man said, "We need people in Washington with balls." 

That is how most Americans feel, sir. We are tired of the spineless jellyfish do nothing Republicans.

I was laughing as I left. I had never thought of myself as middle-aged before. A few houses later, another couple told me that I looked too young to have a son graduating from college and getting married this summer. They thought I was in my 30s.  I've gotten that a lot. Several older ladies told me I was too young to run for Congress, then were absolutely shocked when I told them that I'm 47. 

Great Americans!
The last door I'll tell you about today is a great couple I met last night. The wife was in the yard when I walked up. We struck up a conversation and her husband came to join us. She said, "He loves politics, you'll never be able to leave."  They feel pretty much the same way most of the people I meet feel, tired of the DC establishment ignoring us. This guy was hysterical, he called the RINOs we have up there now all the things we feel about them. God love people who tell the truth.

It is an uphill battle against her two million dollars, but I feel confident that we the people will prevail. Leadership, here we come.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cars...Not the Movie

I thought it was funny that so many people showed an interest in our cars.  <laughter>  We've had fun pushing them along the trail, getting jump started along the trail (until I started carrying our handheld portable jump starter) and generally clunking along.

All of my people (that's hubby and my boys) can work on cars. In 22 years of marriage, we've never had a car payment.  We generally buy used when we have cash to pay (which means we get some very cheap cars!). When my husband bought his 2000 Pontiac, I think he put half down and made a $150 payment once, then paid the few thousand off when he got his bonus. Other than that, no car payments in 22 years. I'm proud of that.

Over the years, my husband and boys have spent a lot of time at the junkyard getting car parts. No, really, they do. I'll share one story before getting into this weekend's junkyard find. Many years ago, my oldest decided that he wanted to use the BB gun. It was below freezing. He shot the basketball goal backboard, the BB ricocheted and hit the window of the Suburban. Frozen windows do not fare well when hit by BBs.

Junkyard Windows Work!
When my husband got home he said to the oldest, "Son, you have two options, buy a new window which costs a lot of money, or you can go to the junkyard and learn how to remove a window and install it yourself." Matthew picked option 2, and that's why I'm driving around the district in a beat up Suburban with one window that has "good" written on it.  It took him two attempts at removing the window from an old junkyard Suburban to get the good one out in usable shape. Life lessons. I suppose if you are driving around in cars with junkyard parts, they figure you don't care if the writing never comes off.

When I confronted Kay Hagan, it was right after I'd been up in Cincy with the boys. My Suburban's driver's side door handle was broken. In order to get out, I had to roll the window down, open it using the outside door handle, then roll the window back up. My husband procured another door handle at the junkyard not long after that confrontation and fixed it.  Our list of junkyard fixes is long. Our VW, His Pontiac and old Bessie, my Suburban.

My VW only has heat while you are driving at a decent rate of speed, at just doesn't work. Hey, the seat heater on the driver's side is just fine. Violet, as I have named her, has over 200,000 miles and keeps on going. Parts fall off, we toss them in the trunk and go on our merry way.  Bessie has over 282,000 miles on her, and the heat works just fine. We bought her with 125,000 miles. That's what I'm driving as I go door to door. She's got enough room to carry boxes of shirts and signs, sign stakes and flyers. And...she's still running.
My Boys Working on Bessie

This weekend, my middle and the hubster fixed the steering gear and put in a new pitman arm. It was quite a task. They made several trips to the junk yard and auto parts store. They had the job done except for the ONE bolt that holds it all together. The first bolt didn't fit the old pitman arm, so they got a new pitman arm. Still not a fit. The second bolt they found at the junkyard fit, but stripped and when you steered old Bessie, the entire bolt rotated. Yesterday, just before 10am, Chris had her running with the help of a shop and $46. Since he'd already done all the hard work, they got a new bolt put on and she was ready to go.

I receive messages from people who tell me, "Keep sharing about your cars, I love it." "Your car stories crack me up." "Seeing your posts about cars makes me realize you understand the plight of the average American," etc.....

My cars may get as many shares as my guns. We have so many memories in Bessie- we drove across the country on vacation in her. We've taken trips to hospitals across America in her. She's been a good  truck. Here's to 400,000 miles.  She's doing a good job of taking the message of #TeamWeThePeople across the district.

I Don't Believe You

I have the best time out on the trail.  I wasn't out door knocking over Christmas. I started back up yesterday and am closing in on 7,000 doors.  The American people are awesome.

Yesterday, I went up to a door, rang the bell and waited. An older lady slid the curtain by the side window over, peeked out and asked, "What do you want?"  I said, "I'm running for Congress in the Republican primary and just wanted......"  "I don't believe you," she replied.  She obviously wasn't going to open the door, so I said, "I'll just leave my information here and you can read it later." 

I wonder if she believes I am actually running for Congress now? <smile> I've not met one person who has ever had a congressional candidate come to their door before. I've had to convince more than one I'm actually running for office.  

A little while later, I received a phone call from a woman in a town where I'd knocked on doors before Christmas. She'd received the flyer and letter I left on her door and said, "I guess one of your people put it there." I said, "No, ma'am, I put it there. I've knocked on over 6000 doors already." She replied, "God bless you for what you are doing! Wow! That's a lot of work!"

It IS a lot of work, but America, our children and grandchildren are worth it.

Here's a photo from the trail yesterday. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

The #Obamacare Nightmare Continues

The un-affordable care act strikes again. This time to the tune of $4487.77

It's that time of year- you know, the time when our new plans with high deductibles and out-of-pocket-maxes start over.  Who can afford 4K in one month? And for us, it will be 6K by the time we reorder the IGG, a blood product my son infuses weekly, at the end of the month.  Before the law, the copay was $16 a month. Add that up times twelve, and it is still a far cry from $6,000.

We've done all we can do to make the Republicans wake up and fight this disastrous law that is harming millions of Americans. I've brought these bills to their DC offices..... called, Tweeted, emailed, written letters, all to no avail. They ignore us. They ignore the fact that my boys' (and many other Americans') lifesaving medications are no longer covered. 

The American people are suffering and the DC elite are up there enjoying cocktails and laughing at how stupid they think we are.  They are going to pass another standalone bill, using the reconciliation process to repeal Obamacare.  Hello? You people funded Obamacare on December 18th. WHY on earth would you fund something you say you want gone SO badly.... oh right, it's an election year. Need show votes to convince voters that they are really trying to stop Obamacare. The reality is that Obama will veto and they have no leverage.  If they had defunded Planned Parenthood, Obama's amnesty, Obamacare on the recent omnibus, they could have used the leverage of a government shutdown to gain actual conservative victories.

I cropped out my son's name and date of birth on this screenshot. Before Obama's namesake law, we didn't have to call the drug company about drug assistance programs....we paid the $16 copay, then it went to $33 and now this.  Average Americans cannot afford this.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Challenging the Status Quo

Our local newspaper ran a great article on my filing to run for U.S. House of Representatives.  Since Kernersville News doesn't have an online edition, I decided to post the text and photos here.

I thought it was great that they had me on the front page, then I turned to page two and couldn't stop laughing. The paper actually published the photo of me protesting outside of Congress in DC with my sign that reads, "Congress No Longer Listens to We the People #ElectileDysfunction".  Priceless.

Foxx knows what the people of NC05 want, someone with a backbone to stand up against Barack Obama and the liberal agenda, but she ignores us. That is why I am running. I am tired of our voices being ignored. Virginia Foxx is part of the leadership that knows exactly what we the people want, but they ignore us.

Challenging the status quo
Kernersville resident files to run against Congresswoman Virginia Foxx; Burr faces challenges
by Wendy Freeman Davis

Pattie Curran made good on her commitment to seek the Republican nomination for the state’s Fifth Congressional District against Congresswoman Virginia Foxx next year when she filed her candidacy on December 1, the same day Foxx filed to run for re-election. 

No Democratic candidates submitted their names to run in the 5th District race in 2016.

Curran, a married homeschool mother of three who lives in Kernersville, first announced her campaign in April of this year, saying at the time that she believes the people in the district are desperate for a change in Washington D.C., even among politicians who have traditionally been held up as bastions of conservatism.

In the months since announcing her intention to run against Foxx in the Republican primary, Curran said nothing has changed her mind or opinion on the lack of conservative principles being displayed in the nation’s capital.

“Conservatives are disappointed,” Curran said Monday afternoon as she talked about her campaign and filing her candidacy earlier this month. 

Curran’s displeasure with the status quo in Washington D.C. was apparent after Congress voted to pass the most recent omnibus bill on December 18 when she posted the following on her campaign’s Facebook page:

“Still angry over yesterday’s omnibus passing the Republican controlled House and Senate. We called, we tweeted, emailed ….and we the people were ignored again. We were attacked by moderate Republicans for not understanding.”

The bill, which keeps the federal government operating through next fall, funded all the things conservatives have complained about, including Planned Parenthood, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and the Syrian refugee program.

She continued.

“Both parties are working in collusion against the will of the American people. I’m tired of being ignored.”

It’s that sense of disappointment that Curran hopes will compel her to win over Foxx in the primary, but she knows it is an uphill battle.

“This is a grassroots effort. I am not a six-term career politician with a $2 million war chest. This is about taking back what’s rightfully ours. We need bold conservative leadership in Washington who say, ‘no, this is not right,” Curran said on Monday.

Congresswoman Foxx talked to the Yadkin Ripple about filing for re-election.

North Carolina families want someone with a strong track record of championing conservative solutions to the problems facing our nation. The folks I speak with across the Fifth Congressional District are constantly telling me that they like someone who has a backbone to stand up to big government liberals in Washington, and I’m confident that my strong record of doing just that will speak for itself.”

Foxx said that is why she is excited about running for re-election, saying she knows conservative ideas work.

“I’m not afraid to make that case to voters,” she said, “It’s time for the Obama administration’s era of incompetence and big government boondoggles to come to an end. The people of North Carolina are ready to put President’s Obama’s failed liberal ideology out to pasture and put time-tested conservative solutions to work.”

In the race for U.S. Senate, incumbent Republican Senator Richard Burr faces challenges on all fronts, with three Republicans filing to challenge him in the primary. They are Paul Wright, of Dudley; Larry Holmquist, of Greensboro; and Greg Brannon of Charlotte [Cary].

Four Democrats are vying to be on the ballot for U.S. Senate in November. They are Deborah Ross, of Raleigh; Kevin Griffin, of Durham; Chris Rey of Spring Lake; and Ernest Reeves, of Greenville.
Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh has also filed to run for Burr’s U.S. Senate seat.

Of the three candidates challenging Burr in the primary, Brannon is probably the most well-known statewide. He places second in the 2014 Republican primary to Thom Tillis. Willis went on to defeat U.S. Senator Kay Hagan in that year’s general election.

Among the Democrats, Ross is a former Wake County lawmaker, Reye is the mayor of Spring Lake and Griffin is a businessman. Reeves previously ran for mayor of Greenville.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Courage: My Word for 2016

My word for 2016: Courage.

Praying that God continues to give me the courage to speak the Truth, the courage to keep fighting for what is right, the courage to stand up to the Washington establishment and the courage to be a leader. 

My life verse is Phil 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

On to victory, #TeamWeThePeople The real work to restore our nation begins now. 75 days until the NC primary election.

OUR team needs volunteers. This is not about me. This is about all of us taking back that which is rightfully ours - our government. This is about restoring America for our children and grandchildren. Pray about it and see what God is calling you to do. 

Last January, God called me to run for office. Today, 75 days away from the primary election, I am asking YOU to pray. When your children ask you where you were in the fight for the soul of America what will you tell them God called you to do?