Wednesday, January 13, 2016

7000 Doors!

Today, I knocked on my 7000th door! It has been fun getting to know the people of North Carolina's 5th Congressional district. Thankful that God has given me the strength I need to keep on knocking. I am determined to make our voices heard in DC!

I've been out in all sorts of weather. When I get cold or tired, I think of Valley Forge. The other day it was very cold and rainy. Everything hurt. I kept on going - I kept thinking of what our founders sacrificed and went through and tridding through the wet mist on a cold day with fancy Merril hiking boots seemed like a walk in the park compared to what they endured. Blessed not to have rags on my feet in place of shoes. 

Today was amazing. I knocked on 141 doors to reach my 7000th door. Met some truly amazing Americans. Most everyone who was home today feelings the same way I do---tired of being ignored by the establishment in DC. 

8,000 doors, here I come! 

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