Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Obamacare Nightmare in FULL Swing!

And..... the 2016 Obamacare nightmare is in full swing! Trying to figure out how to pay $4487 for IGG. Tried to reorder earlier this week, but was denied approval for the drug company program and told to try again on the 8th. Today, no one knows what is happening and we have to wait to see if we are approved for the program, but as of yet, no...... we don't have $4.5K in credit folks, we aren't the government and can't keep running with $19 trillion in debt. In the real world, it just doesn't work that way. 

I can't write what I am thinking about the Democrats who rammed this law down our throats and the Republicans who continue to fund it...... it is not appropriate for FB. I'll try to phrase it without colorful language. 

The Republicans are celebrating their show vote yesterday. They voted to "dismantle" Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood....just 3 short weeks after they FULLY FUNDED them both. HYPOCRITES! They all know full well they have NO LEVERAGE and cannot override Emperor Obama's veto. The time to STAND UP AND FIGHT was on the omnibus spending bill that funded these things. USE THE LEVERAGE OF A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN! 

But the spineless jellyfish are more worried about their next election and stigma from a partial government shutdown (the government doesn't really shut down, checks go out) than they are standing up for the American people! 

I had a man last night tell me that I don't know how government works because I told him I don't fear a government shutdown. Hello? We shut it down and won the LARGEST Republican majority in the House in over 80 years. THAT SCREAMS "WE THE PEOPLE WANT YOU A$*hats TO FIGHT OBAMA'S LIBERAL TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA!" actually fight. You know, stand the freak up for principles, stand up for God, stand up for what you actually SAY you believe in. 

I told him some of that plus I said, "If we are not willing to shut the government down for those babies we've all seen moving in the bowls at Planned Parenthood about to have their organs harvested, then we are as morally bankrupt as the Democrats." When it was my turn to speak last night, I looked directly at this man when I told the entire room EXACTLY what I had told him privately. 

We are battling for the soul of our nation. We are FIGHTING for those Americans who are unable to stand up and fight for themselves. WE WILL BE JUDGED BY GOD for our action or inaction. I also told that man, "I am on the side of God Almighty and I am not afraid to stand up and fight." 

I WILL NOT BACK DOWN. I will stand up in the face of opposition -- even if I am the only one standing. This battle we fight is not for the faint of heart. Now is the time to suit up in the armor of Christ. Stand and be counted. He will give you all the courage and strength you need to fight this battle.

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