Friday, January 8, 2016

Number 7

I've knocked on 6,489 doors and only run across 7 Foxx supporters, well, at least 7 who would admit they are Foxx supporters. Only two people have refused to  take my information. I think I've mentioned the others in the past-- 3 of them do not like her voting record, yet they say they will vote for her anyway.  Bizarre? The rest of the people I have been blessed to speak to are much like me. VERY angry with the national Republican party. The anger is much worse since the omnibus vote.

On to the three who don't like her voting record. One said she is the only politician he would cut some slack because she helped his son with a veteran's issue.  Isn't that her job? I  think it is unconscionable that our veterans have to go begging their elected offices to help them! No veteran should ever have to beg help from a politician.

The second guy really didn't like her voting record (I bet the omnibus vote has him hot under the collar), but he's been friends with her for so many years, that he's going to vote for her anyway.  :face palm:  If I go to DC and screw up, I expect my friends would chase me down and give me a what for, then never vote for me again! My friends have principles.

Then there is the guy yesterday. My word. I walked up to his house and told him who I was and he said, "I don't want your information. I won't vote for you because you don't have a chance of winning." I asked him what he thought of Foxx's voting record and he sounded off about how he doesn't like how she votes, but since I can't win, he's voting for her. I smiled and told him, "When I win, I'll be representing you." He shot back, "I will support you then."

What on earth? Are people completely void of principles? Still..... only 7-- it's definitely not a good number for Foxx. Some of the things people say about her during my house visits cannot be repeated online. Let's just say that the gig is up. The American people are smart. They see through the show vote this week to "dismantle" Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. The idiots just voted to fully and both of these 3 weeks ago. Republicans can't have it both ways.

Republicans are now complicit in Obamacare, Obama's amnesty, the Syrian refugee program, Planned Parenthood and all of Obama's agenda. THEY VOTED TO FUND IT. The fight was at the omnibus. The House should have exercised the power of the purse - a constitutional DUTY -- on December 18.

Leadership, here we come!

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