Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hands Off My Health Care Rally

Try saying this fast three times: I went to a Hands Off My Health Care Rally in Raleigh.  A friend and I went to Raleigh this morning for an event put on by American's for Prosperity and Civitas.  It was great to be with a large group of people who want to work hard to repeal Obamacare.  They made over 4,000 phone calls this morning to people to talk to them about repealing Obamacare! They will have phone banks on-line and once I find a link, I will post it here.

On the way to the rally, we knew we were getting close to Raleigh when we started seeing an increase in the number or Priuses and kept getting angry looks-- and a few gestures-- over my bumper stickers.  Oh well... November is coming. 

Just a few pictures:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling

The liberals may have won a portion of the battle today, but they are far from winning the war.  Within one hour of the SCOTUS ruling, the Romney campaign website went down because too many people were trying to access it.  As of this writing, the Romney campaign has raised 1.5 million dollars -- that's just 7 hours folks!

A Winston-Salem Journal reporter contacted me today.  He asked for my reaction to the SCOTUS ruling in 3-4 lines. Here is what I said: "I am absolutely appalled that the SCOTUS decided that the mandate was unconstitutional under the commerce clause, but upheld it as a tax. This is the largest tax increase on the middle class in American History. The Supreme Court doesn’t have the final say in the matter, however. We the people will have the final say in the November election."  When he emailed to ask if using my name, town and "conservative grassroots organizer" I agreed, though my business cards say I am a community organizer (they really do).

The war is far from over.   We the people will speak in November.  We need to keep the majority in the House, win a majority in the Senate and take back the White House.  Game on.  I am going to work hard to ensure we win in November so that we can repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

The SCOTUS did today was kick it up a notch.  Are you in the game or are you going to sit on the sidelines?  We can win the war if we win big in November-- winning in November is going to take a lot of work. Get involved. Find a GOP headquarters near you and volunteer! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Does it Mean to be American?

Have you ever REALLY thought about what it means to be an American? It is more than freedom, it is more than liberty.  I had a reporter contact me yesterday because he is doing a 4th of July piece where he is asking people what it means to them to be American.

As I drove to the interview, I wasn't sure what I was going to say.  Of course everyone has to say the age old answers - liberty and freedom.  For me, it is much more than that.  I know how blessed I am to have been born an American.  When did I first realize that?  Maybe when I joined the Army National Guard and started college.  I've always been proud to be an American and always had a sense that I was blessed to have been born here, but it wasn't until adulthood that I really understood how huge a blessing God had bestowed upon me.

I often describe my childhood as living in the pit of Hell.  I grew up in coo-coo psychoville, as I like to call it.  Had I been born in another country, I likely would not have had the opportunity to overcome the family of my birth and found success.  If I had been born in a communist country, I believe I would have been trapped in the situation to which I was born.  Drugs, alcohol, and abuse were common around our house.  As I said in my post, Why I Am Republican, I have a brother who committed suicide, another brother who died of a drug overdose, and a third brother who has been in and out of prison since 1989. 

I was the only of my siblings to graduate high school. Two of my brothers did get their GEDs, eventually. I am the only one in my family to graduate from college.  I am blessed to be American.  I joined the Army National Guard when I was 18 and haven't looked back. Much.  I attribute my ability to run and earn an athletic scholarship to the years I spent running from my abusive brothers (always look on the bright side!).  I believe one of the many blessings of being an American is that we all have opportunities to succeed and overcome life's challenges.  I was able to work my way through college. The Guard paid my tuition at a state college, I received an academic and athletic scholarship, and I worked.  I was a resident assistant, waited tables, worked in offices filing papers, worked as a nanny, worked at daycares and even worked as a physical therapy aide. I didn't have much time for studying, but, by the grace of God, I graduated from college with a 4 year degree- something no one else in my family had ever done.

Only in America.  I am blessed and proud to be an American.

Peace Out.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama is Arrogantly Desperate

Obama and his staff have really gone off the deep end.  At first, I thought it was a joke.  It is no joke, folks.  Obama is really soliciting funds from people by way of their birthdays, weddings and other life events. Is Obama for real?

I'm really not so sure that having people donate to Obama's campaign is a better gift than a gravy bowl.  I still use the gravy boat that we were given as a wedding gift 19+ years ago.  With this economy, brides and grooms need all the gifts they can get -- they can't afford to buy everything. What is Obama thinking on this one? People are probably having rehearsal dinners without the gravy and he's asking them to donate to his campaign.

In the current economy, I think it takes quite a bit of audacity to tell people to ask for donations instead of getting gift cards you will forget to use.  In this economy?  No one will forget to use a gift card.  We go to Sam's every 2 weeks and used to get by for $300. Now I am lucky to get out around $420.  My purchases have not changed-- meat, food and cleaning supplies for my family....and this man wants people to forgo gift cards they CAN actually use.  Those gift cards will get you further than getting Barack Obama reelected, folks.

It takes an arrogant man to ask people to donate to his campaign instead of accepting gifts on their special days.  

Wedding gifts are cherished memories of a special day. I have gifts from my friends that we have used our entire 19+ years of marriage! They make holidays special and other events precious.  These wedding gifts are a way that we can remember those special people in our lives each and every time we use the item for years to come. These gifts will outlive any president's term in office.  Mr. Obama needs to get over himself.  

The Obama Event Registry is his latest money raising tactic.  Laura Wilson posted today:
Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up?
Let your friends know how important this election is to you—register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift. It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate—and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.
Setting up and sharing your registry page is easy

When you click on the link, you get more ideas:
Register with Obama 2012
Got a special milestone or event coming up?
Instead of another gift card you’ll forget to use, ask your friends and family for something that will go a little further: a donation to Obama for America. Register your next celebration—whether it’s a birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, or anniversary—with the Obama campaign. It’s a great way to show your support for a cause that’s important to you on your big day.
Just log in or sign up to build and customize your page—and congratulations!

 Peace Out. 

President Obama and Eric Holder Knew What?

Don't you just love the age of technology? Thanks to Al Gore, we have this wonderful thing called the internet. Regular folks like me don't have to rely on the news media to pull up old press conferences like this one from 2009. We can visit C-Span's video library.  In the video,  they are referring to gun-running which did start under the Bush administration and continued under Obama. This announcement in March 2009 was likely the beginning of Fast and Furious under the guise of Project Gun Runner, though we cannot prove it REALLY was the beginning. Since Obama, Holder and everyone in the administration refuse to tell the truth and hand over all the documents, we may never know the truth.

It seems to me, that this press conference on U.S. Mexico Border Security Policy says they were intimately involved with the evolution of project gun runner and thus would have intimate knowledge that it lead to Fast and Furious. They were kicking project gun runner up a notch. Of course, this intimate involvement would never be seen my the left as actual proof the Obama administration knew anything.

 During the 30 minute press conference, the press secretary says it is "an important issue to the President" as he goes on to describe the steps they are taking to work with Mexico. David Ogden says, "Under the President's leadership, together with the State Department together with DHS..."     They all knew about project gun runner.   David goes on to say that, "the President has directed us to take action against these cartels...."   But he wouldn't be speaking of the same drug cartel that killed Border Agent Brian Terry, would he?    Then, David says something even MORE interesting. He announces that he and Attorney General Holder are taking, "new and aggressive steps."    I wonder. Would these new and aggressive steps be where "gun runner" transformed into "Fast and Furious?  David Ogden then goes on to describe the steps in detail and says these steps are "Aimed at fortifying project gun runner."

I think we have our answer right there, folks.  Obama and Holder both knew about gun running and the transformation into Fast and Furious.  Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, knew about it, too.  The Mexican male asking her questions raised some good points.  In response, Janet tells her that D.O.J is going to increase tracing and explains why D.O.J is such an "essential part of this initiative on Mexico".

Sure, the left is trying to spin it-- saying gun walking isn't gun running,and it isn't fast and furious.  I don't know... it does get confusing, but it seems to me they all knew the program of sending guns down south was going on.... and it got out of hand when they "kicked it up a notch". 

This may be President Obama's Waterloo.

Peace Out.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Are Catholics

Excellent video. We are Catholics and we will be heard.

Julia Sweeney is Smoking Crack

Julia Sweeney, "cultural Catholic",  is smoking crack! WaWhat? The bishops are forcing people... huh? Um, Julia, dear, did you know that Catholics in this country are FREE to go get a prescription for birth control and abortion drugs from their doctors and pay for them with their own money? We faithful Catholics don't want money we put into the collection basket going to pay for the murder of innocent children in the womb, and yes, dear Julia, the pill also causes abortions as its third mechanism to prevent pregnancy when the first two fail.

 Notice Julia only mentions birth control and fails to mention that this HHS mandate also covers abortion drugs like Ella and Plan B. She also fails to mention that is also covers surgical sterilization procedures. The left tells half truths to sell the HHS mandate to the American people.

Julia needs to read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, doesn't she? She shows her complete lack of intelligence in the video below. The first amendment is clear. Julia Sweeney clearly misses the mark on this one. What is a cultural Catholic, anyway?  I guess since she "Let go of God", it means she really isn't Catholic, huh?

Guilty, Perhaps? Motivated, Oh Yes!

Yesterday felt surreal as we all watched the Fast and Furious ordeal play out on our TV sets. While I probably should not have been shocked, I was. I couldn't believe that President Obama asserted executive privilege. My first thought was, "Oh, this is not good. Obama is involved and he has something to hide." Of course, the entire news media began speculating, "Will this be bad for Republicans?", "Will this hurt Obama's reelection campaign?", so forth and so on. To hear a Democrat like Bob Beckel tell it, this is going to be very bad for Republicans. I'm sorry, Bob, I think you are dead WRONG. I think this will wake more folks up. You see, until the last election, I was politically active, handed out a few conservative cards at the polls and always voted. I never had a political sign in my yard, not even in the 2008 election! Until Congress rammed through Obamacare, I only had one pro-life sticker on my car. Now, I have interchangeable magnets and keep a minimum of 5 on my car each day. For the first time in my life, I am going to be campaigning door to door. Never again will I merely participate in the political process. I think this is going to help Republicans win the White House, keep the majority in the House and win the majority in the Senate. Those of us who were mere participants in the political process have now been motivated to work harder than we have ever worked on anything in our lives. Those who were never active, have become active. The base is fired up and November is coming! Now back to the guilty party, I think yesterday told America that Obama and Holder have something to hide. They're in deep now. I called my representative yesterday and will continue to call and urge that Congress hold Holder in contempt. Brian Terry's parents deserve justice, just as Travon Martin's parents deserve justice. Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now? Brian was killed by a gun that our US government put into the hands of drug cartels. I guess the left makes a special exception for Obama because they love him so much. We know the MSM won't turn on Obama and report the facts, so it is up to us and the conservative media to shine light on this. You can bet, I'll be talking about this as I go door to door this election cycle.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama Lied about Healthcare

It is amazing to me how many people become upset when I tell them that Obama lied. Yet,many times, these same people did not care when Americans told both Bush I and Bush II that they lied. Many of these people still do not object to the "kill Bush" signs and "Bush is a murderer", so forth and so on, but claim I am disrespecting the office of the President of the United States by pointing out Obama's lies. This post isn't about ALL of Obama's lies. I don't think I could list them all. This is about his lies regarding the healthcare law. I offended a friend when I wrote that Obama had lied about letting the public have time to read the bill and respond. He did lie. In the video below, Obama says that the public will have 5 days to review any bill that lands on his desk. Yet, the timeline for the healthcare bill doesn't jive with his promise. On March 21,2010, the Healthcare resolution passed the House. On March 22,2010, the resolution bill passed the Senate. On March 23, 2010, Obama signed the bill into law. He signed the healthcare bill into law the day it landed on his desk, not five days later, like he promised (see video at the bottom of this post). Politifact check lists all of the bills that were signed, some within hours of passing through Congress. To see the list they compiled, click here. Last, but certainly not least, in his healthcare speech, Obama said, "It's not true. And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up -- under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place. (Applause.) " More lies! The HHS mandate is violating MY conscience and the consciences of millions of other Americans. Federal dollars are being used to fund abortions, another violation of my conscience! To see the video of his healthcare speech and read the transcript, please visit this link. It is on the Huffington Post, so liberals can't argue that conservatives are lying about what Obama said. Peace Out

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eric Holder Needs to Resign

Eric Holder needs to resign. A border patrol officer is dead and Eric Holder has had over one year to comply with Congress' request. Eric Holder thinks he is above the law! I hope Congress holds him in contempt tomorrow (if he doesn't produce the documents at the eleventh hour). If the documents requested didn't condemn his justice department, President Obama and his administration, Holder would have complied. That's my take. There must be some pretty damning evidence in the documents he refuses to hand over in this election year. Mr. President, November is coming. Your numbers are low and they are not improving in spite of your best efforts. A man is dead. Do what is right and hand over the documents.

Public Service at the Hospital

Having two kids with chronic illnesses, we have quite a few appointments at the hospital.  We've been going to this hospital for 13 years, so most of the providers know me. They've seen me on FOX News, on our local news and in the local papers.  There is no hiding that I am a Tea Party conservative.   I'm always open about where I stand and I truly believe more patients need to speak up about how Obamacare has already affected them and how it will affect them in the future. I performed a public service today.

I'm always surprised when healthcare professionals don't know about key aspects of Obamacare.  Certainly, if the Supreme Court knocks down the entire law, we won't have too many future worries, we'll just have to fix what Obamacare has already broken.  If they just knock down the individual mandate, then we still have a lot of work to do.

Our family has already been negatively impacted by Obamacare.  We've had the highest premium increases, deductible increases, out of pocket maximum increases and co-pay increases that we've ever had in the past 7 years.  I don't see that knocking down or repealing Obamacare is going to fix that. One of my youngest son's medication co-pays went up to $284 last year and jumped again to $343 this year.  Prior to the enactment of Obamacare, we had a co-pay of $150.  This is a live-saving medication that protects my son's kidneys from damage.  No doubt the increase correlates to all the FREE things the insurance is forced to give away....... those of us with chronically ill kids are up a creek-- our co-pays go up, but women get birth control and abortion drugs for free.  No one ever died from not having sex, but people have died from kidney damage. Without insurance, a woman can purchase birth control for $9 a month... for less than a pack of cigs. 

Next year (2013), our flex spending limit is going to drop from $5,000 to $2,500. This is going to hurt our family.  As of today, we have already paid out over $6,000 in out of pocket medical expenses.  Once our flex spending runs out, we make payments where we can or put it on a credit card. The drop in the limit will make it very difficult for our family next year.  The tax increase will also cause us more harm.  We will be forced to deduct less from our taxes, thus we pay the government more of our hard earned that we could use to pay our own medical bills. 

Of course the HHS mandate affects everyone who is morally opposed to abortion and contraception.  No one will be allowed to purchase insurance that excludes abortion drug coverage (Ella and Plan B), contraception and surgical sterilizations.  It doesn't matter if you have a conscience and object, you have to pay for this coverage regardless.  There is also the $1 fee assessed on everyone's premium to pay for abortions, don't forget that.  The current administration doesn't care if you have moral or religious objections. Obama and his minions have mandated and the masses must follow. 

Conservatives need to use their voice to reach everyone.  We MUST put a face to those Obamacare harms.  Liberals don't want to hear from people like me, because they don't want to know the truth.  This is why Kay Hagan never responded to my emails, letters and calls.... this is why I confronted her after 2 years of no responses.  Even then, she refused to answer my questions about the privacy violations, unelected officials making policy and other aspects of this disastrous bill.  It wasn't until I had an open letter published in the local paper that she sent me a letter.  No, the letter did not answer my questions..... 

Don't be afraid to use your voice. 

Peace Out

Tolerance is Alive and Well in NYC..... wrong.

Looks like Mayor Bloomberg needs to work on some anti-bullying laws. Adults bullying children?  Wow..get a grip.  I couldn't believe it when I watched the video. It looks like the one adult is telling the children they are going to hell, though WND reports he tells the organizers they are going to hell.  Either way, where's the tolerance?  They removed this song from a graduation ceremony, so a group of adults and children gathered outside the school to sing the song in protest.  Really, we can't sing Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" in school any longer?  Our commanding officers played this song at our OCS graduation...... (Army Officer candidate school). Isn't it telling that the group was told to go sing thsi song in a "Republican area."? Hmmmmmmmm interesting.  

Last Day for Public Comment on HHS Mandate

Final day to submit a public comment about the HHS mandate:!submitComment;D=CMS-2012-0031-0001

I posted a comment.  I don't feel confident that the current administration will hear  our voices, but I left a comment anyway. Hopefully enough of us comment to at least let them know that November is coming!

Peace Out

Bloomberg Says Romney Would Make a Better Leader

*tears* I'm laughing so hard.  The king of tyranny, Mr. You can't biggie size it in NYC 'cause I'm your daddy....... thinks Romney would be a better leader. You mean he doesn't support Obama and his attempts to create a bigger nanny state? Wow. Shocking.

Bloomberg overheard saying Romney would make a better leader than Obama -

Anti-Obama Obituary

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, this is funny.  This would even be funny if the guy had named a Republican.   Honestly, though, the way I am feeling........ if I died, I just might do the same thing.  Of course, now that we know the nominee, I'd just say, "donate to Mitt Romney". 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nutrition and Math

Do you remember when the school officials here in North Carolina took a little girl's lunch and made her eat the chicken nuggets from the school cafeteria? All because "they" deemed her lunch from home to be unhealthy. I'm sure those nuggets were not processed and were 100% organic. Then we have Mayor Bloomberg and his policy limiting the size of sodas served in NYC.  I came across this cartoon and thought it was hysterical.  Wouldn't it be nice if the government stopped trying to be our mother through a nanny state and, say, passed a budget? 

Why I am Republican

A few weeks ago, the NC Federation of Republican women put out a promotional video where women spoke about why they vote Republican.  If you haven't checked the video out, you should.  You can view it here.

I come from a liberal family, so why am I Republican? I saw first hand that welfare and handouts don't work.  I have a brother that committed suicide at the age of 20, another died of a drug overdose at the age of 33, and the only living brother has been in and out of the state pen 3 times.  Every so often, I do an internet search to see if the last living brother is still alive, or,  perhaps, arrested and in jail again. I have not seen him since my youngest brother's funeral in 1983. He was locked up when my second brother died of a drug overdose in 1992.

Growing up, my parents bailed my brothers out continuously. They bailed them out by paying off their debt, getting them out of jail and even taking care of their children!  My oldest brother made a good living as a rough neck on oil rigs, but spent his money on drugs, which left him with very little money to care for his wife and children.  My parents bought food, clothing, diapers and other essentials for his children. At one point when I was in high school, the family moved in with us.  I have first hand experience with drug abusers and alcoholics. Enabling them does not help them turn their lives around. Hitting rock bottom and being forced to face the consequences of their actions might help them turn their lives around.

Growing up in my house was interesting, to say the least.  My brothers getting caught with drugs or kicked out of school was not a rare occasion.  In fact, my two youngest brothers got kicked out of public and private schools to the point that no school in California would accept them.  My parents sent them to Hanna Boys Center  until we moved to Louisiana. They got a fresh start in Louisiana, but did not put it to good use. Once we moved,  I was left alone with my abusive brothers while my parents worked. 

On weekends, my parents had wild parties (or they went out). This one game they played was called the 15 minute game. They would all drink a shot of tequila every 15 minutes.  While swimming and horsing around in our backyard. Teenage children of their friends would get drunk, and all the parents would laugh.  I remember thinking it was warped.   Of course, one of my earliest memories of my oldest brother's drug use was when I was in Kindergarten or first grade-- we were living in California.  He came in the house and was really "messed up".  As became the usual response when I'd ask a question, my mom told me, "He has the flu."  My brother had the flu a lot.

I rarely invited friends over to my house. One time I did, and my friend woke in the middle of the night.  She went to use the bathroom and my father was drunk on the floor next to the toilet.  Of course, there were many kids from school who were not allowed to associate with me because of the things my brothers did and  were arrested for.  I can't blame the parents, because I would never allow my children to associate with any members of a family like that.  I started working when I was 15 and could drive.  I ran track and cross-country.  These activities kept me away from the house quite a bit.  I joined the Army National Guard the summer I turned 18. 

Looking back, I know that God protected me.  My oldest brother loved to chase me down and kick me with his steel toes boots, so I learned to run fast!  One memory of my middle brother I have is a time when he chased me up the stairs.  I locked myself in the bathroom and he punched a hole through the door trying to get to me. I was told by my parents that it was my fault.  My youngest brother molested me as a child and he also liked to rig up torture devices. Once such device was a dart gun he attached nails to.  He would threaten to shoot me if I refused to follow orders.  Again, my parents never really did anything about the nails being shot, or the holes in the walls.  As always, it was my fault for being so mouthy.   I fully admit I have a mouth on me.  Absolutely. 

I believe that had I been born into a family like mine in ANY other country other than America, I would still be trapped.  I joined the Army National Guard and the ARNG helped pay my tuition to a state college.  I also received academic and athletic scholarships.  Working full time most of my college years, I succeeded and became who I am today. Only in America can one work hard and break the chains of the family curse. Two of my brothers received their GEDs, I am the only child in my family to graduate high school, and the only person in my family to graduate from a 4 year college. Considering the chaos at home, it is truly a miracle that I graduated from high school.

Having two children with chronic illnesses, many people cannot believe that I am Republican and oppose Obamacare.  As I just wrote for a GOP press release:  "Having two kids with chronic illnesses, Obama’s policies have had a negative impact on our family. We work harder to earn more money, but we never see it because we’ve experienced the highest increase in premiums, deductibles, medication co-pays and out of pocket maximums in 7 years! If the Supreme Court declares the mandate or all of Obamacare unconstitutional, the already enforced changes will continue to negatively impact families like ours for years to come. If Obama is elected for 4 more years, I believe he will continue to push his unconstitutional healthcare agenda and create even larger problems for families with sick children." 

This is the digested version of why I am Republican.   I am blessed to be American.  Only in America could I have been given the opportunity to succeed and work my way out of my childhood hell.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama's Amnesty Stunt

As has become par for the course, Obama had redefined what the word amnesty means.  Of course he tells the American people that his latest mandate (but not executive order) is "not amnesty".  Right.

Webster's defines amnesty as: "the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals."   So the Obama administration's latest act redefines a word, because President Obama says that allowing illegal aliens under the age of 30  (by definition, a large group of people) to stay in our country and obtain work permits, thus pardoning them of their illegal status in our country.

I agree with Newt Gingrich, this is an election year gimmickSheriff Joe Arpaio says he will continue to enforce immigration laws. 

Pope Benedict recently stated that States have the right to defend their borders.  The New York times wrote an article on the Pope's statement that can be read here. Pope Benedict XVI said everyone had the right to leave home to seek better conditions of life in another country. ”At the same time, states have the right to regulate migration flows and to defend their own frontiers, always guaranteeing the respect due to the dignity of each and every human person,” he said. He said immigrants had the duty to integrate into their host countries and respect their laws and national identities.

We big, bad, mean Republicans are not opposed to people coming to the United States to build a better life.  We just want them to enter our country legally.  Thought this was a great cartoon:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

China Condemns US Gun Ownership and Supports Occupy

It is an absolute joke that China is on the UN Human Rights Council. It is beyond laughable that China would have the audacity to bring up human rights violations AT ALL.  The Chinese government forces women to have abortions. If these women do not comply, their families are murdered.  Chinese government officials will mow down entire families if a pregnant woman dares to go into hiding.    China imprisons and kills Christians and pro-life activists, and it dares to say the following in its report?

“The United States prioritizes the right to keep and bear arms over the protection of citizens' lives and personal security and exercises lax firearm possession control, causing rampant gun ownership,” the report claims. “The U.S. people hold between 35 percent and 50 percent of the world' s civilian-owned guns, with every 100 people having 90 guns [and] 47 percent of American adults reported that they had a gun.”

On May 25, 2012, the report was published on the website of Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in New York

The report even gets into the Occupy movement here in the US.  The Chinese say that we arrested too many occupiers and were rude to them.  *wipes tears*  I couldn't even make this stuff up. 

"Claiming to defend 99 percent of the U.S. population against the wealthiest, the Occupy Wall Street protest movement tested the U.S. political, economic and social systems. Ignited by severe social and economic inequality, uneven distribution of wealth and high unemployment, the movement expanded to sweep the United States after its inception in September 2011. Whatever the deep reasons for the movement are, the single fact that thousands of protesters were treated in a rude and violent way, with many of them being arrested -- the act of willfully trampling on people' s freedom of assembly, demonstration and speech -- could provide a glimpse to the truth of the so-called U.S. freedom and democracy."

Like China allows free speech and has freedom.  *falls on floor laughing*

Then there's this juicy tidbit from the report: 
"The United States has not done enough to protect its citizens from unemployment. At no time in the last 60 years had the country's long-term unemployment been so high for so long as it was in 2011."
Peace out

Obama is Smoking Crack

Obama is my crack pick of the day.  After his comments that the private sector is doing fine and about the deficit being Bush's fault, he is definitely smoking crack.  Loved these cartoons:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Obama, womanhood is not a ‘defect’ to be fixed by the government

Dear Obama, womanhood is not a ‘defect’ to be fixed by the government |

 The Ad is a lie!  Since I can't say it any better, let me just quote the article!

"June 11, 2012 ( - One of President’s Obama’s latest re-election commercials entitled “Dreams of our Daughters” offers both misleading information and a demeaning characterization of women. The spot shows actors portraying a mother and two daughters with soothing music in the background. The mother’s soft voice narrates the ad and speaks of the ambitious goals of her six-year-old and ten-year-old daughters. One wants to be a “dolphin doctor” and one wants to be a military fighter pilot. She then laments how some want to take away the rights of women to obtain birth control. That is why she is going to vote for President Obama. Unless her daughters have access to birth control, they will never reach their dreams.

First of all, no one is trying to take away access to birth control. There is absolutely no effort to restrict the manufacturing, marketing or sales of contraceptives. There is, however, a strong push by both Catholics and Protestants to protect Catholic schools, hospitals, charities and other ministries from being forced to compromise their Catholic identity and principles and pay for contraception. The First Amendment guarantees that no government has the right to define what religious principles can be expressed by religious entities. To suggest that protecting religious liberty is a threat to American women is mendacious and shows a poor understanding of the Constitution."

Police Force Rally Participants To Put Signs On The Ground At Rally On Public Property - Denying First Amendment Rights

The Police at a Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Dayton, Ohio, forced rally participants to put their signs on the ground! They also tried to take away a video camera. Read the details here on Brian's Blog: Police Force Rally Participants to put signs down We were very lucky here in Winston-Salem, NC that the US Marshals and police left us alone to exercise our God-given right to free speech protected by the first amendment. I'm starting to think there are a lot of Americans smoking crack!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Soldier Denied Service at Gas Station in Louisiana

Can't believe this happened in the United States of America. As a veteran (US Army --enlisted and officer, I find this offensive and think we need to ship them back to the Middle East.

Fr. Rossi "Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally", Winston-Salem, NC

Verne Hill "Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally", Winston-Salem, NC

Joyce Krawiec "Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally", Winston-Salem, NC

Pastor Larry Phillips - "Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally", Winston-Salem, NC

Major Dave at the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally

Why I Vote Republican NCFRW Promotional Video

Poor Barack Doesn't Understand

Joe Biden Protest

Joe Biden came to town on June 6, 2012. A group of Tea Party Patriots went to downtown Winston-Salem to protest. I wore a Green Bay Packer jersey and a cheesehead in celebration of the Wisconsin election results the previous day.

The police escorted us to a makeshift jail behind bars. We couldn't protest on the sidewalks. They had an area  prepared for  us no where near Biden's location. We were so far away he never saw us!

God, however, had other plans. After the protest, we were walking back to our cars. The VP decided he'd like some frozen custard, so he stopped at Wolfies. Right in front of us! I was in front and held my sign as we were stopped. Secret Service wouldn't let us pass. Once it was clear, we made it back to the car. Realizing several members were not back, we waited a few minutes for their return.  I decided to call my son.

When Matt answered his phone, I asked, "Where are you?"  He replied, "Watching the vice president eat frozen custard."  I said, "Well, get back to the car."  He then stated, "Secret Service won't let us."  I grabbed a sign and headed back up to meet the group. Just as I arrived at the street corner, the VP was leaving Wolfies.  I was surprised that the Secret Service let me get so close to his car. It was pretty incredible!

I held the sign as he got into his car. He sat for a second, leaned forward and read my sign.  I was the only sign on my side of the street, so I know he was reading my sign as he looked at me. The grin on his face was priceless!  He was probably trying to figure out why I had a cheesehead on my head! I was able to snap a few pictures. I held my sign with one hand and my iPone in the other.

 Here are a few pictures from the day (sorry that they are not in order):

Protesters before heading over to Biden's location
Our protest cage
Protesters before the protest
Another view of our cage
Secret Service man who kept us from passing as Biden entered Wolfies
Some of the Winston-Salem Tea Party members walking to the protest
At the protest, you can see the rest of the cage
Joe Biden getting into the car
before the protest
Me... in the protest cage
Another Tea Party member at the protest
After the protest. This was the sign I held up for Biden to read
Before the protest. Matt found a sign.
Biden in the Car
Biden outside of Wolfies heading to his car

Another Tea Party member with her sign

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally, Winston-Salem, NC

On Friday, June 8, 2012, I coordinated the second Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally held here in Winston-Salem, NC.  The first rally I coordinated was held back on March 23 of this year and had 250 plus participants.  The rally on June 8, was slightly smaller. 

Pastor Larry Phillips speaks at the rally
I wasn't able to get the media to come out as effectively as I had at the previous rally. FOX 8 just refused to show up.  WXII and the Winston-Salem Journal showed up.  The Journal actually did a nice article about the rally.  The only problem with the article is that the reporter didn't give an accurate count.  He failed to count properly the last time, too!  The article can be read here. The reporter even quoted my son.  That's my boy!

I opened the rally with a few announcements and let the crowd know we were gathering on the 223 anniversary of the day James Madison introduced the Bill of Rights, with its guarantee of religious freedom, to the First Congress.   I also told them that I was officially a hippie after attending two protests in one week.  That is where I got the idea for this blog!  I don't advocate free love, I'd prefer that they pay for their own love and birth control.  Before I introduced Charlie Breeding, our emcee, I ended with a quote from Andrew Jackson's farewell address: "But you must remember, my fellow citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty and you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government."

A family participating in the rally
The fight against the HHS mandate didn't end on Friday and it will continue until we reverse the HHS mandate or we repeal Obamacare in its entirety. We must continue to stand for liberty and freedom so that the United States of America can continue to be that shining city upon a hill.

Please click on the video label to see videos and hear the speakers from the June 8th rally.  Here are a few pictures from the day:

Two of our local priests

Fr. Rossi speaks at the rally
Major Dave speaks at the rally
speakers waiting

For more information on the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rallies in Winston-Salem, NC, visit the FB page here. Another great article on our rally can be found here.