Friday, June 22, 2012

President Obama and Eric Holder Knew What?

Don't you just love the age of technology? Thanks to Al Gore, we have this wonderful thing called the internet. Regular folks like me don't have to rely on the news media to pull up old press conferences like this one from 2009. We can visit C-Span's video library.  In the video,  they are referring to gun-running which did start under the Bush administration and continued under Obama. This announcement in March 2009 was likely the beginning of Fast and Furious under the guise of Project Gun Runner, though we cannot prove it REALLY was the beginning. Since Obama, Holder and everyone in the administration refuse to tell the truth and hand over all the documents, we may never know the truth.

It seems to me, that this press conference on U.S. Mexico Border Security Policy says they were intimately involved with the evolution of project gun runner and thus would have intimate knowledge that it lead to Fast and Furious. They were kicking project gun runner up a notch. Of course, this intimate involvement would never be seen my the left as actual proof the Obama administration knew anything.

 During the 30 minute press conference, the press secretary says it is "an important issue to the President" as he goes on to describe the steps they are taking to work with Mexico. David Ogden says, "Under the President's leadership, together with the State Department together with DHS..."     They all knew about project gun runner.   David goes on to say that, "the President has directed us to take action against these cartels...."   But he wouldn't be speaking of the same drug cartel that killed Border Agent Brian Terry, would he?    Then, David says something even MORE interesting. He announces that he and Attorney General Holder are taking, "new and aggressive steps."    I wonder. Would these new and aggressive steps be where "gun runner" transformed into "Fast and Furious?  David Ogden then goes on to describe the steps in detail and says these steps are "Aimed at fortifying project gun runner."

I think we have our answer right there, folks.  Obama and Holder both knew about gun running and the transformation into Fast and Furious.  Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, knew about it, too.  The Mexican male asking her questions raised some good points.  In response, Janet tells her that D.O.J is going to increase tracing and explains why D.O.J is such an "essential part of this initiative on Mexico".

Sure, the left is trying to spin it-- saying gun walking isn't gun running,and it isn't fast and furious.  I don't know... it does get confusing, but it seems to me they all knew the program of sending guns down south was going on.... and it got out of hand when they "kicked it up a notch". 

This may be President Obama's Waterloo.

Peace Out.

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