Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Obama, womanhood is not a ‘defect’ to be fixed by the government

Dear Obama, womanhood is not a ‘defect’ to be fixed by the government | LifeSiteNews.com

 The Ad is a lie!  Since I can't say it any better, let me just quote the article!

"June 11, 2012 (HLIAmerica.org) - One of President’s Obama’s latest re-election commercials entitled “Dreams of our Daughters” offers both misleading information and a demeaning characterization of women. The spot shows actors portraying a mother and two daughters with soothing music in the background. The mother’s soft voice narrates the ad and speaks of the ambitious goals of her six-year-old and ten-year-old daughters. One wants to be a “dolphin doctor” and one wants to be a military fighter pilot. She then laments how some want to take away the rights of women to obtain birth control. That is why she is going to vote for President Obama. Unless her daughters have access to birth control, they will never reach their dreams.

First of all, no one is trying to take away access to birth control. There is absolutely no effort to restrict the manufacturing, marketing or sales of contraceptives. There is, however, a strong push by both Catholics and Protestants to protect Catholic schools, hospitals, charities and other ministries from being forced to compromise their Catholic identity and principles and pay for contraception. The First Amendment guarantees that no government has the right to define what religious principles can be expressed by religious entities. To suggest that protecting religious liberty is a threat to American women is mendacious and shows a poor understanding of the Constitution."

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