Monday, June 30, 2014

Celebrate the Hobby Lobby Win!

We are celebrating the Hobby Lobby win today. We made signs to put next to our banner and we will shop at Hobby Lobby today, too!

Barack Obama Loses Another SCOTUS Ruling

Summer has not been good to Barack. SCOTUS keeps ruling against him. Here's today's religious freedom win. Hobby Lobby wins against the Obama Administration.

I'm sure Barack will go golfing to let off some steam.

Happy 4th of July! SCOTUS upheld the FIRST AMENDMENT!!!! Sweet!

Friday, June 6, 2014

70th Anniversary of D-Day

On this 70th anniversary of D-Day, a small rant. SO many conservatives don't even notice how the liberal agenda has affected their OWN thinking. So many people don't even notice that it has crept into their thought processes. Drives me insane. INSANE!!! They allow political correctness to dictate the things they do and say. 

We must educate people on natural rights and the fact that the FREE EXERCISE of our natural rights do NOT depend upon others being in agreement that we should be able to exercise our natural rights. I am SO sick and tired of the liberal arguments of "disagreement=hatred" and "I'm offended=no one should be able to do it". The next step toward socialism is that we cannot do or say anything that even ONE person disagrees with or is offended by. Then people are forced to do things against their own conscience simply because other human beings do not agree and the "socialist government" forces the dissenters to do X,Y or Z (HHS mandate, baker forced to bake gay couple a cake, no prayer, forced to participate in abortions or lose job and on and on). All for the communist term "the common good". Screw the common good. If you want to take birth control, I don't care- I just don't want to be forced to pay for it. Buy your own crap and leave me alone! I also don't want to be forced to participate in murder by being forced to pay for your  abortifacient drugs and your abortions! I shouldn't be forced to pay for your sterilizations, either. The Catholic Church and any other church should not be forced to do these things! The "tolerant" left supports the HHS mandate that forces individuals and the Church to pay for these things and completely fail to see that they are hypocrites. Next, the government will be forcing people to perform gay marriages (did you ever think a baker would be forced to bake a cake!?Forcing churches to perform these ceremonies isn't far off..). When does it end? It ends when we no longer have any natural rights. It ends when our conscience is that of the collective. We must stand up against every attack against personal liberty. 70 years ago today, 160,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy to free Europe from Nazism/National Socialism. More than 9,000 Allied troops were killed on D-Day. Do not let the greatest generation's sacrifices be in vain! Stand up against socialism so that we never again have to have another D-Day. Of course, if America falls to socialism, there will be no one left to storm the shores of any nation plagued by socialism or communism. We truly are the last stand for freedom. #Dday #Freedom