Monday, March 30, 2015

#Stop SB346 Interview

Last Tuesday, while I was being interviewed by the news media, there was a man with a camera who also got me on film. Here is the entire interview.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Senator Jeff Tarte States only Taliban and Christian Scientists Opposed to Vaccines: Video

Someone just sent this article to me with this note. Please read. And remember what happened in Africa. Gates et al sterilized women via vaccines. Good Morning, Pattie. Have you seen this recent article? Just read it and I'm already charged up with anger! I knew Tarte must have been heavily influenced by introducing this bill (SB346) into legislation. His wife is a pediatrician and he's working with Paul Offit. Offit is one of the biggest eugenicists in America. He is the driving force behind eliminating all religious and philosophical exemptions across America. Bill Gates, Paul Offit and Nancy Synderman all have contracts with the devil! It's obvious to witness that Tarte's motivation goes deeper than just a public health issue. He needs to be removed from office ASAP or else North Carolinians will suffer the consequences. Also, WV and MO just got their religious exemptions repealed, so it's typical for state legislators to jump on board and follow other states. Read the article here This is the video embedded in the article link:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kicked Out of Senator Jeff Tarte's Office for Opposing Forced Vaccinations

Tuesday, we went to the North Carolina General Assembly to oppose SB346 - the forced vaccination bill. SB346 would remove religious exemption, which violates our natural rights. We were thrown out of Senator Jeff Tarte's office. See video below! This is not a debate about vaccine efficacy. This is about personal liberty and our God-given rights. Our natural rights are NOT debatable. We have a right to be secure in our persons and we have the right to FREELY exercise our religious beliefs. This bill should never have even come into existence. Government does not have a say. I have two chronically ill kids- who could potentially get sick from newly vaccinated folks OR be at risk from an outbreak of any sort. Doesn't matter. We do NOT have the right to step on the God-given rights of other individuals because we fear what MIGHT happen. Government doesn't have the right to force people to inject themselves or their children with substances to which they are morally opposed-for ANY reason. Some vaccines are derived from aborted fetal cells. Some from monkey DNA..... You do not have to agree with those who choose not to vaccinate. I was also interviewed by TWC News. You can watch the interview here.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ten Principles for Replacing Obamacare

Great information from Freedomworks on healthcare:

Forced Vaccination Bill introduced in North Carolina SB346 - Sign the Petition Against

State Sen. Jeff Tarte has introduced SB346, a bill to remove the option of religious exemption from vaccines. The elimination of the religious exemption is an affront to religious liberty, and such a move would be extremely dangerous to the state of health care freedom in general. Tarte has stated, "there no major religions (Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhism, or Islam) against vaccines. Only two known religious "denominations" oppose vaccines."  Many of the vaccines that would be made mandatory are derived from aborted fetal cells. As a freedom-loving pro-life Catholic, I consider it reprehensible for the government to force these injections on those who personally oppose them based on their religious morality. Tell Sen. Jeff Tarte that he is not the authority over individuals' religious viewpoints by signing the petition below. I will be delivering signatures to legislators in Raleigh this Tuesday.

SB346 would mandate vaccinations upon adults and children, removing religious exemptions from those wishing to attend any school in North Carolina (including home schools, colleges and universities). The elimination of the religious exemption is an affront to religious liberty, and such a move would be extremely dangerous to the state of health care freedom. 

Say no to forced vaccinations- sign the petition on my website here

Government doesn't have the right to force ANY medical procedure. Government doesn't own your body! You are endowed with certain unalienable rights that government cannot ever take away! You have the right to be secure in your person. Government CANNOT force you to be vaccinated nor can it force parents to vaccinate their children.  At what medical procedure does it end?

Tate said in an interview that there are no major religions opposed to vaccination. He's wrong! We have the right to be secure in our persons. Many Christians are opposed to vaccinations because many are derived from aborted fetal cells.Government does not have the right to inject people against their will. We also have the right to freely exercise our religion. Government cannot force a person to be injected with substances with which they are morally opposed. Government cannot force parents to have their children injected with these substances, either!  

You do not have to agree with people who choose not to vaccinate. It is their God-given right to be secure in their persons and exercise their deeply held beliefs FREELY. They have the right to make their own healthcare decisions. 

Please sign the petition Read the Vatican Statement on Vaccines mae with Aborted fetal calls here

"The vaccines that are incriminated today as using human cell lines from aborted foetuses, WI-38 and MRC-5, are the following:7
A) Live vaccines against rubella8:
  • the monovalent vaccines against rubella Meruvax®!! (Merck) (U.S.), Rudivax® (Sanofi Pasteur, Fr.), and Ervevax® (RA 27/3) (GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium);
  • the combined vaccine MR against rubella and measles, commercialized with the name of M-R-VAX® (Merck, US) and Rudi-Rouvax® (AVP, France);
  • the combined vaccine against rubella and mumps marketed under the name of Biavax®!! (Merck, U.S.),
  • the combined vaccine MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) against rubella, mumps and measles, marketed under the name of M-M-R® II (Merck, US), R.O.R.®, Trimovax® (Sanofi Pasteur, Fr.), and Priorix® (GlaxoSmithKline UK).
B) Other vaccines, also prepared using human cell lines from aborted foetuses:
  • two vaccines against hepatitis A, one produced by Merck (VAQTA), the other one produced by GlaxoSmithKline (HAVRIX), both of them being prepared using MRC-5;
  • one vaccine against chicken pox, Varivax®, produced by Merck using WI-38 and MRC-5;
  • one vaccine against poliomyelitis, the inactivated polio virus vaccine Poliovax® (Aventis-Pasteur, Fr.) using MRC-5;
  • one vaccine against rabies, Imovax®, produced by Aventis Pasteur, harvested from infected human diploid cells, MRC-5 strain;
  • one vaccine against smallpox, AC AM 1000, prepared by Acambis using MRC-5, still on trial."

Saturday, March 7, 2015

GOP Education Chairman Anticipates Vote on Education Bill (HR5)

The Washington Post reports that HR5 will most likely be returning for a vote.  Read the article here. We must stay vigilant. Please sign my petition to ask Virginia Foxx not to support re-authorization of the Bush-era failed no child left behind policy. I brought over 70 letters/comments to her the day before the House tabled HR5, I will continue collecting and will bring them to her before any vote on HR5 or anything that resembles it. Sign the petition here.

Virginia Foxx Wrote an OpEd in support of HR5. You can read it here. Contrary to what the Congresswoman says, HR5 does NOT reduce the federal footprint on education.

Remember that I blogged earlier about HR 5  and it does the following:

No Child Left Behind takes power away from parents and students and empowers bureaucrats and unions. The federal government has become too involved in education. Education should be controlled locally! H.R. 5 lacks an opt-out of federal programs and mandates for states. Since education should be controlled closer to home, states should able to opt out. Bureaucrats in DC do not know better than parents and localities.

H.R. 5 does increase portability, but only to public schools and public charter schools. Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN) had proposed an amendment in committee that was withdrawn. This amendment would have extended portability to private schools of choice, IF a state so chose!

H.R. 5 Does NOT protect against Common Core.  It prevents future coercion by the federal government in forcing states to adopt Common Core standards, but does not stop it.

H.R. 5 claims to replace the current national accountability system with state-led accountability systems. "They" claim  this frees states from federal interference. Heritage Action states, "Although the proposal wisely eliminates counterproductive and prescriptive Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) mandates, H.R. 5 maintains the current NCLB mandates for states to establish standards in reading and math and to test kids annually between grades 3-8 and once in high school."

H.R. 5 orders that academic achievement standards "include the same knowledge, skills and levels of achievement expected of all public school students in the state" and mandates that states must also use "the same academic measure the academic achievement of all public school students in the state." See the link to the Heritage Action brief above for more information.

H.R. 5 consolidates more than 65 programs into a Local Academic Flexibility Grant, but does not eliminate them. This doesn't reduce federal spending. We need to reduce send and eliminate programs!

Finally, H.R. 5 does eliminate the AYP requirement, but maintains requirements for states to develop their own "statewide accountability structure, a system of school improvement interventions to be implemented at the local level for ...schools the state determines to be poorly performing."  Just as in North Carolina, renaming common core under a different education standard mandates doesn't make it go away, rebranding AYP as a federally mandated state run requirement doesn't make AYP go away. See the brief above for more details.

Read the Heritage Action Brief on HR 5 here.  Read the Heritage outline of what Congress should do here

DHS Bill Funding Obama's Amnesty Passed

I'm sick and tired of the DC trickery. We shut down the phone lines over funding Obama's amnesty in the $1.1 trillion CRomnibus passed by the Republican controlled House in December. They gave nary a thought to what we the people wanted. This CRomnibus gave Renee Ellmers' district money for a women's museum, Harry Reid and his casino cronies got our money..... and they conveniently increased the amount corporations can give to campaigns. Pork and more pork- selling future generations of Americans down the river.

DHS funding was up this week and my own representative, Virginia Foxx, is out there saying she voted against funding Obama's amnesty. That simply is NOT true. You see, folks, they all play games with us. There was a motion to table the Senate Amendment to HR240. Foxx voted Nay on tabling the Senate bill, and thus is culpable in its passing.  See the roll call: On Motion to Table the Senate Amendment: H.R. 240: Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2015

Anyone who voted to bring it to the floor for a vote is culpable in its passing! If they had tabled this Senate Amendment, then it would not have come to the floor for a vote. Foxx wants us to think she fought this, when she didn't. We know that she has been in leadership for a while and that they set up the voting in advance. You know, Boehner "allows" members who will take heat over their votes to vote against as long as he has enough votes. Members hide their support in votes they think no one will ever remember. She can go out and say, "I voted against funding Obama's amnesty," and folks will look at the final vote and never realize her part in getting the bill to the floor.

Anyone opposed to funding Obama's amnesty should have voted yea on the motion to table the Senate amendment. Period. You can't be against Obama's amnesty if you vote to move an amendment that funds it to the floor!

Lastly, if DHS shuts down, some 70% of the people are considered "essential" and the department does;t actually shut down. So all this hype about not wanting DHS to shut down is hogwash. They know it doesn't shut down completely....and those sent home get back pay.

Many of the people in DC really do think the American people are as stupid as Gruber says we are.

Republicans are attacking these conservatives who actually stood against funding Obama's amnesty. Share this photo on FB and Twitter.