Saturday, March 7, 2015

DHS Bill Funding Obama's Amnesty Passed

I'm sick and tired of the DC trickery. We shut down the phone lines over funding Obama's amnesty in the $1.1 trillion CRomnibus passed by the Republican controlled House in December. They gave nary a thought to what we the people wanted. This CRomnibus gave Renee Ellmers' district money for a women's museum, Harry Reid and his casino cronies got our money..... and they conveniently increased the amount corporations can give to campaigns. Pork and more pork- selling future generations of Americans down the river.

DHS funding was up this week and my own representative, Virginia Foxx, is out there saying she voted against funding Obama's amnesty. That simply is NOT true. You see, folks, they all play games with us. There was a motion to table the Senate Amendment to HR240. Foxx voted Nay on tabling the Senate bill, and thus is culpable in its passing.  See the roll call: On Motion to Table the Senate Amendment: H.R. 240: Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2015

Anyone who voted to bring it to the floor for a vote is culpable in its passing! If they had tabled this Senate Amendment, then it would not have come to the floor for a vote. Foxx wants us to think she fought this, when she didn't. We know that she has been in leadership for a while and that they set up the voting in advance. You know, Boehner "allows" members who will take heat over their votes to vote against as long as he has enough votes. Members hide their support in votes they think no one will ever remember. She can go out and say, "I voted against funding Obama's amnesty," and folks will look at the final vote and never realize her part in getting the bill to the floor.

Anyone opposed to funding Obama's amnesty should have voted yea on the motion to table the Senate amendment. Period. You can't be against Obama's amnesty if you vote to move an amendment that funds it to the floor!

Lastly, if DHS shuts down, some 70% of the people are considered "essential" and the department does;t actually shut down. So all this hype about not wanting DHS to shut down is hogwash. They know it doesn't shut down completely....and those sent home get back pay.

Many of the people in DC really do think the American people are as stupid as Gruber says we are.

Republicans are attacking these conservatives who actually stood against funding Obama's amnesty. Share this photo on FB and Twitter.

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