The Hippie in Me

You are probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about when I say that I am a conservative Catholic Tea Party hippie, right? For starters, I am a conservative who believes in a constitutionally limited government, and that drew me to joining the Tea Party movement. Our government is out of control and we need to rein it in by reducing spending and cutting the size and scope of government. I want to get rid of the nanny state and allow people to be free!

I don't wear make-up (much), love long skirts, and I absolutely love, LOVE tea. Teavana is a wonderful store (in case you are in the market for tea). I have an entire cabinet dedicated to tea.  I love to read Martha Stewart Living -- that makes me a bit hippie right there, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure Martha was a hippie in the 60s.  Don't get me started on my love for candles, beads, tie dye and incense! I drive my hubby nuts with my candles and love for a wonderfully fragrant home.  I really could be a hippie, except for the fact that I really love to bathe. 

I compost, do organic gardening and also grow my own lemons in my house. I also make all sorts of nature crafts and press my own flowers. You should see the looks I get when I talk to people about pressing flowers (I did a tutorial video on this). It is a look of, "Conservatives DO that!?"   I even use  recycled items in my crafting! Of course we recycle daily, but not because I worship mother earth.... but because we want to be  good stewards of the earth God has given us. I make my own recycled paper (I really need to do a tutorial video) and paints from nature. See, we conservatives aren't so bad.  We don't want to destroy the earth. I even make protest signs with recycled scraps of paper.  If that isn't on the hippie side of life, what is?

I also think homeschooling brings out the hippie in us all. I've written articles about our hippie activities, below are a few of them. I'm surprised to see I've had over 100,000 page views of my articles. I bake from scratch, avoid processed foods, and try to fix healthy meals and snacks for my family. I powder my own sugar, can crack my own wheat, make my own yogurt and kefir....... and have loved essential oils since I was in college in the late 80s and early 90s.

I never protested my government until Obama was elected, our spending when through the roof  and Obamacare was rammed through Congress against the will of the people, though I did write letters and call my elected officials.  His HHS mandate forcing religious charities and institutions to purchase insurance that covers abortion drugs like Ella and Plan B along with contraception, propelled me into organizing protests instead of just attending.  I've heard religious freedom rallies outside our local Federal Building, planned a Defund Obamacare Town Hall in our county and spoke at 4 others across the state, I've organized rallies outside the IRS and our elected officials' offices. I'm tired of being ignored!

This is a defining moment in our nation, we can choose to stick to our Constitution or we can choose the way of socialism.  This moment in history helped me to define who I am.  I am a Catholic Tea Party Hippie.