Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Republicans ARE Complicit

As much as moderate Republicans hate to hear it, Republicans are now absolutely complicit in Obama's liberal agenda and have been for a while. I've gone head to head with a pro-life leader here in North Carolina who says that she's a single issue pro-life voter. She says that Tillis, Foxx and all the other Republicans who voted to fund Planned Parenthood in this omnibus bill are still great pro-lifers.

Um, no. You cannot be considered pro-life after voting to fund Planned Parenthood in the recent omnibus (or anytime, for that matter). Every single person who voted for this bill will be held accountable by God for their vote one day.  After the videos showing Planned Parenthood alters abortion procedures in order to harvest organs from babies in the womb to sell to the highest bidder, every person who voted for this is omnibus is even more culpable. How can pro-lifers continue to give Republicans a pass on this!? I want the Republican majority to stand up and FIGHT. Make Barack Obama and the Democrats show the American people that they care more about murdering innocent human babies and selling their body parts than they do avoiding a government shutdown (partial, as government doesn't really shutdown!). Force the Democrats to show the American people that they don't care that we are being harmed by Obama's namesake law.  Stand up- that's why we gave you control of both houses.

Republicans (and SCOTUS) now own Obamacare. So when I go on my rant about my kids' lifesaving mediations no longer being covered, I blame the Republicans who failed to stand and fight. I blame them for the blood product my son infuses weekly becoming unaffordable. I've gone to DC, I brought copies of our medical bills pre-ACA and post-ACA to every representative and senior- Republican, Democrat and Independent. When Harry Reid ranted on the floor of the Senate that we were lying, I called his office and told his staffer that I brought bills PROVING we were right and Harry is lying to the American people. A medication that protects my son's kidneys from damage- also unaffordable and the copay no longer goes toward our deductible or OOP max. Eh, what do the rich millionaires in DC care? They exempted themselves from Obamacare. Besides, if their treatments or medications are no longer covered, they've got the money to pay for it. We don't. We are an average American homeschooling family- next month, we have to figure out how to pay $6,000 for the medical treatment my kids need. The makers of the blood product have a program- last year they helped a bit- but in the process, our pharmacy account was locked and we were unable to refill any other medications for several weeks. We ran out of important medication for the first time in 19 years of having kids with chronic health issues.

Amnesty- oh, amnesty. Every single person who voted for this crap needs to be held accountable. They knew it was unconditional the first two times they passed funding bills funding Obama's amnesty. This third time, they voted to fund it KNOWING a court had ruled it unconstitutional, as well! What spineless jellyfish!

They all voted for a $1.1 trillion dollar pork-filled spending bill. In addition to the above, it funds Obama's green energy climate crap, Obama's refugee programs, NSA domestic spying, and partially bails out Puerto Rico.  This omnibus also makes it harder to fully repeal Obamacare. Republicans should have stopped funding Obamacare and Planned Parenthood when they gained control of the House in the 2010 election.  Spineless Jellyfish.

Before this vote, I had already knocked on over 6,000 doors myself. People were already pissed (sorry, they are beyond angry) about funding for Planned Parenthood, Obama's amnesty and Obamacare. When my campaign gets back to full swing after Christmas, I am sure people will be beyond pissed. In knocking on over 6,000 doors, I've only cross 6 people who told me they supported Foxx. Most of the others feel like I do- the Republican party is complicit.

We will make our voices heard in 2016. Foxx may have a $2 million dollar war chest, but I've got energy given to me by my Creator. I will make 10,000 doors before the primary. 12,000 would be even better. I want to restore America. I am tired of being ignored. This is not about me- this is about taking back that which is rightfully ours- our government and restoring America.

Friday, December 11, 2015

6000 Doors!

Yesterday, I knocked on my 6000th door! I couldn't do it without a friend like Sharon who drives along as I knock. I have several friends who drive, but Sharon is with me 6-7 days a week fighting to restore our nation. 

Met some wonderful conservative people yesterday, but I have to tell you about the Democrats married to Republicans. One told me he was a Democrat because, "I registered to vote thirty years ago when Democrats were  normal." I literally laughed out loud.  Another said he's been a Democrat all his life, but hasn't voted for a Democrat in a very long time because he's disgusted with the party. 

Along the way, I've met many politically-mixed marriages and I always wonder how it works out. <giggle> With everything the Democratic Party stands for, fights for and believes in, I don't know how a Republican and Democrat stay married. Apparently, it works out because I've met quite a few recently! Of course we all know James Carville and Mary Matalin are married--mind boggling. 

I've had a great time door knocking. Most Republicans stand where I do- and that is refreshing in a day where the media makes it out that conservatives in the Republican Party and in America are a very small minority! 

Merry Christmas to everyone! I'm not sure how much I'll remember to blog until after the new year, so, may you have a blessed Christmas surrounded by those you love! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Best Vote Ever

Yesterday, I was going door to door and received the best vote ever. I was speaking to a lady when her young daughter got home from school. The daughter asked what I was doing and I replied,"I'm running for Congress and I'm going door." She bit off a piece of her candy cane and handed it to me and said,"I'll vote for you in my heart!"

Absolutely precious. Then she picked this up and said, "This will bring you good luck!"

I am blessed. We meet the best people in the trail! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rolling Thunder

I had a great time speaking to the local Rolling Thunder group tonight. What a wonderful group of patriots! Thank you for the invitation to speak.

Front Porch Politics

I love going door to door meeting the great folks of North Carolina's 5th Congressional district.  I have nothing to lose, and liberty to gain. That's but one of my mottos.

The American people are fed up and the folk of NC05 are no exception. They are tired of Republican leadership not doing what they told us they would do if we gave them the Senate in 2014. They are tired of Republicans not using the power given to them in the US Constitution to stop Obama's liberal agenda.

People invite me in to sit a while and discuss the current state of our nation, they invite me to sit on their front porch to talk a while....a great southern tradition.  Yesterday, a man was cooling his sweet tea, another great southern thing, on his front porch. He offered to fix me a glass before I headed back out door knocking.  A few months ago, I went to a door and the wife answered. She said her husband would be so excited to meet me, and asked if I could wait one minute.  Her husband came out and invited me to "sit a spell". His wife brought me an ice cold Pepsi made with real sugar. Since it was one of the hottest days of the summer, boy did it taste great!

I may have already shared this story, but it is one of my favorites, so I'm going to share it again. This was back in the summer. I rang the bell and waited. A man came from the garage and when I told him who I was, he exclaimed, "We read about you in the paper!" He said I had to come in and meet his wife. When we entered his house, his wife was on the phone. The man told his wife several times, "Get off the phone, you'll never guess who is here! Tell her you'll call back." We sat down to talk and the next thing I know, the man is on the phone with his friend inviting him to come over to his house to meet me. He exclaimed into the phone, "You've got to come over here, I've got Pattie Curran in my kitchen and you need to come meet her." About five minutes later, I was shocked to see that his friend had indeed driven over to meet me.

Another sweet couple this summer invited me in and wanted to make lunch for me. One sweet lady invited me in to watch FOX News with her. People are amazing. I'm so thankful for each and every person who shows me kindness when I show up on their front porch.

My favorite folks are the people who can't believe I am actually running for Congress and that I'm standing at their doorstep. They've never had a candidate for ANY office who up at their door, much less someone wanting to represent them in DC.

I am reminded frequently that she has $2 million dollars cash on hand in her campaign account and that she will be hard to beat. Yep. I get that, but the power of the grassroots is the great equalizer. I believe that we the people can show the DC establishment that their money can't buy votes. I believe we the people can make our voices heard and restore our government to its rightful owners- us! A government of the people, by the people and for the people. I have great hope......that with God and hard work, WE can win this election.

The President's Gun Control Speech Tonight

I won't be tuning in to hear what Obama has to say about disarming the American people and calling for gun control.

Dear Mr. President: Molon Labe

And the only way that will happen? Out of my cold, dead hands. I will NEVER surrender my natural rights.

Those of you on the left need to wake up!  California already has some of the strictest gun control laws. On a scale of 0 being near prohibition and 100 being total freedom, California ranks around 30. California already has an "assault" weapons ban and a "high capacity" magazine ban. Why don't they just ban assault people? That would work just as well.

You cannot coexist with people who want to kill you and destroy the American way of life. They will break laws in order to do it. They have no regard for human life or the rule of law. Isn't that obvious from every act of Islamic terror and mass shooting?

So, what can save lives? More guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. Good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns. If you on the left don't believe good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns, why on earth do you call the police?
At the range with my middle son
Family Top Shot at the NRA Whittington Center
My son's first open-carry dinner
Target practice 
My son with our AK-47 
Out delivering campaign signs
Firing our Mosin Nagant rifle at the NRA Whittington Center
My son's AK-47 Assault Waffle 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Stuff You Just Can't Make Up

There are things you just can't make up. For instance,  I knocked on a door today and a man told me that I should be in jail because I am a Republican. He was being serious.

The previous owner was still registered as a Republican at the address, so I mistakenly knocked on this man's door. When I said, "Hi, my name is Pattie Curran and I stopped by because I am running for Congress in the Republican primary," he replied, "You should be in jail for being a Republican." I burst into laughter, not realizing he was serious. He still loves Barack Obama and thinks Obama is doing a great job as president. He thinks the Republicans are the problem. After our very brief conversation, he reiterated that he thought I should be in jail. Goodness gracious.

My favorite visit of the day was a Democrat lady who was married to a Republican. She didn't announce her party affiliation until after I answered her first question. She asked me, "So, do you support gun control?" to which I replied, "No, ma'am." She went off! I mean, she REALLY went off. An entire tirade about gun control.  She said, "No one should have access to guns or assault weapons!" I tried to explain my point of view, but she went ballistic.  She said she was a Democrat and her husband was a Republican, but he also supports gun control, as do a majority of Americans.  She actually yelled, "There are no mass shootings in Europe!" I just looked at her and said, "France." She slammed the door as she waved her free hand frantically.

Ahhh.... wow. I wonder if she knows where France is on a map!?

Even with the few interesting people I met today, it was an awesome day. I'm at 5,319 door knocks and conservatives I meet stand where I stand. They are fed up with leadership and Republicans who aren't doing what we sent them there to do. They are fed up with Republicans who won't defund Planned Parenthood on must pass legislation, using the leverage to force Democrats to compromise. They are VERY angry that Republicans haven't used the power of the purse to defund Obamacare on must pass legislation-- they are very angry that Republicans continue to fund Obama's amnesty.  They don't want No Child Left Behind re-authorized. They want a limited federal government. On and on.

A few weeks ago, I met a WWII veteran who started crying when I got to his door. He was so dismayed by the state of our country.  He thanked me for what I was doing, but felt we wouldn't be able to restore America. A few days later, I met an 86 year old man who said to me, "Pattie, you are a dreamer! We can't restore America." He really felt like America's best days were behind us. I took with him. It broke my heart that these gentlemen have lost hope.

I won't give up. I believe we can restore our country. I will fight with my dying breath! I want our children and grandchildren to grow up in the same America that gave me the opportunity and freedom to succeed. That is why I am out there knocking on doors. I realize it is an uphill battle against Foxx's $2 million cash-on-hand campaign account and her reported $8 million net wealth.  I realize I am taking on a member of leadership and that the big guns will come after me. I don't care. America is worth it. Future generations of Americans are worth it. I have NOTHING to lose and liberty to gain.  It's simply not American to say, "Oh, she's got $2 million dollars and I don't even have a drop in the bucket compared to that, so I am giving up." I won't give up. I will knock on a minimum of 10,000 doors before the March 15th election.

Tomorrow, I'm off to a chicken stew and then to knock on more doors. With God's help, we will make our voices heard in DC!

Pictures from the Trail

Because I'm so horribly bad at blogging, I'm just going to post some of the pictures I have in one post. I have met some of the greatest Americans as I go door to door and to events across the district. We've had a blast on the trail.......
This family was precious! I was out delivering signs one Saturday. 

I made it to 5000 doors myself. 

Out walking one Saturday with some #TeamWeThePeople volunteers

With friends after I filed

Filing day with friends

I'd say I'll try to keep up..... but I won't..... I have a blast on the trail.