Friday, December 4, 2015

Stuff You Just Can't Make Up

There are things you just can't make up. For instance,  I knocked on a door today and a man told me that I should be in jail because I am a Republican. He was being serious.

The previous owner was still registered as a Republican at the address, so I mistakenly knocked on this man's door. When I said, "Hi, my name is Pattie Curran and I stopped by because I am running for Congress in the Republican primary," he replied, "You should be in jail for being a Republican." I burst into laughter, not realizing he was serious. He still loves Barack Obama and thinks Obama is doing a great job as president. He thinks the Republicans are the problem. After our very brief conversation, he reiterated that he thought I should be in jail. Goodness gracious.

My favorite visit of the day was a Democrat lady who was married to a Republican. She didn't announce her party affiliation until after I answered her first question. She asked me, "So, do you support gun control?" to which I replied, "No, ma'am." She went off! I mean, she REALLY went off. An entire tirade about gun control.  She said, "No one should have access to guns or assault weapons!" I tried to explain my point of view, but she went ballistic.  She said she was a Democrat and her husband was a Republican, but he also supports gun control, as do a majority of Americans.  She actually yelled, "There are no mass shootings in Europe!" I just looked at her and said, "France." She slammed the door as she waved her free hand frantically.

Ahhh.... wow. I wonder if she knows where France is on a map!?

Even with the few interesting people I met today, it was an awesome day. I'm at 5,319 door knocks and conservatives I meet stand where I stand. They are fed up with leadership and Republicans who aren't doing what we sent them there to do. They are fed up with Republicans who won't defund Planned Parenthood on must pass legislation, using the leverage to force Democrats to compromise. They are VERY angry that Republicans haven't used the power of the purse to defund Obamacare on must pass legislation-- they are very angry that Republicans continue to fund Obama's amnesty.  They don't want No Child Left Behind re-authorized. They want a limited federal government. On and on.

A few weeks ago, I met a WWII veteran who started crying when I got to his door. He was so dismayed by the state of our country.  He thanked me for what I was doing, but felt we wouldn't be able to restore America. A few days later, I met an 86 year old man who said to me, "Pattie, you are a dreamer! We can't restore America." He really felt like America's best days were behind us. I took with him. It broke my heart that these gentlemen have lost hope.

I won't give up. I believe we can restore our country. I will fight with my dying breath! I want our children and grandchildren to grow up in the same America that gave me the opportunity and freedom to succeed. That is why I am out there knocking on doors. I realize it is an uphill battle against Foxx's $2 million cash-on-hand campaign account and her reported $8 million net wealth.  I realize I am taking on a member of leadership and that the big guns will come after me. I don't care. America is worth it. Future generations of Americans are worth it. I have NOTHING to lose and liberty to gain.  It's simply not American to say, "Oh, she's got $2 million dollars and I don't even have a drop in the bucket compared to that, so I am giving up." I won't give up. I will knock on a minimum of 10,000 doors before the March 15th election.

Tomorrow, I'm off to a chicken stew and then to knock on more doors. With God's help, we will make our voices heard in DC!

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