Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Republicans ARE Complicit

As much as moderate Republicans hate to hear it, Republicans are now absolutely complicit in Obama's liberal agenda and have been for a while. I've gone head to head with a pro-life leader here in North Carolina who says that she's a single issue pro-life voter. She says that Tillis, Foxx and all the other Republicans who voted to fund Planned Parenthood in this omnibus bill are still great pro-lifers.

Um, no. You cannot be considered pro-life after voting to fund Planned Parenthood in the recent omnibus (or anytime, for that matter). Every single person who voted for this bill will be held accountable by God for their vote one day.  After the videos showing Planned Parenthood alters abortion procedures in order to harvest organs from babies in the womb to sell to the highest bidder, every person who voted for this is omnibus is even more culpable. How can pro-lifers continue to give Republicans a pass on this!? I want the Republican majority to stand up and FIGHT. Make Barack Obama and the Democrats show the American people that they care more about murdering innocent human babies and selling their body parts than they do avoiding a government shutdown (partial, as government doesn't really shutdown!). Force the Democrats to show the American people that they don't care that we are being harmed by Obama's namesake law.  Stand up- that's why we gave you control of both houses.

Republicans (and SCOTUS) now own Obamacare. So when I go on my rant about my kids' lifesaving mediations no longer being covered, I blame the Republicans who failed to stand and fight. I blame them for the blood product my son infuses weekly becoming unaffordable. I've gone to DC, I brought copies of our medical bills pre-ACA and post-ACA to every representative and senior- Republican, Democrat and Independent. When Harry Reid ranted on the floor of the Senate that we were lying, I called his office and told his staffer that I brought bills PROVING we were right and Harry is lying to the American people. A medication that protects my son's kidneys from damage- also unaffordable and the copay no longer goes toward our deductible or OOP max. Eh, what do the rich millionaires in DC care? They exempted themselves from Obamacare. Besides, if their treatments or medications are no longer covered, they've got the money to pay for it. We don't. We are an average American homeschooling family- next month, we have to figure out how to pay $6,000 for the medical treatment my kids need. The makers of the blood product have a program- last year they helped a bit- but in the process, our pharmacy account was locked and we were unable to refill any other medications for several weeks. We ran out of important medication for the first time in 19 years of having kids with chronic health issues.

Amnesty- oh, amnesty. Every single person who voted for this crap needs to be held accountable. They knew it was unconditional the first two times they passed funding bills funding Obama's amnesty. This third time, they voted to fund it KNOWING a court had ruled it unconstitutional, as well! What spineless jellyfish!

They all voted for a $1.1 trillion dollar pork-filled spending bill. In addition to the above, it funds Obama's green energy climate crap, Obama's refugee programs, NSA domestic spying, and partially bails out Puerto Rico.  This omnibus also makes it harder to fully repeal Obamacare. Republicans should have stopped funding Obamacare and Planned Parenthood when they gained control of the House in the 2010 election.  Spineless Jellyfish.

Before this vote, I had already knocked on over 6,000 doors myself. People were already pissed (sorry, they are beyond angry) about funding for Planned Parenthood, Obama's amnesty and Obamacare. When my campaign gets back to full swing after Christmas, I am sure people will be beyond pissed. In knocking on over 6,000 doors, I've only cross 6 people who told me they supported Foxx. Most of the others feel like I do- the Republican party is complicit.

We will make our voices heard in 2016. Foxx may have a $2 million dollar war chest, but I've got energy given to me by my Creator. I will make 10,000 doors before the primary. 12,000 would be even better. I want to restore America. I am tired of being ignored. This is not about me- this is about taking back that which is rightfully ours- our government and restoring America.

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3 cheers for the funding of Planned Parenthood!

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