Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another Dog Story

Holy cow! I thought I might have to shoot a dog the other day!!! All you folks who have been commenting about my toting a gun need to read this. 

I walked past this one house with large dog wearing a shock collar. Very large dog. He barked. I went to the house next door and he stopped at what I assume was the electric fence line and was no longer barking. Tail wagging. 

When I got to the door, he ran through the line, through the neighbor's yard and bit at my butt and then my leg. His snout was level with my rear end. If he stood on his hind legs, he'd of likely been as tall as me. 

I took off running with my hand on my holstered weapon as he bit at my legs. A few times, his teeth caught my jeans. Thankfully, he stopped before I got to the old Suburban. He went back to his owner's yard and sat on their porch. For the liberals reading this, by owner I mean the house NEXT DOOR from the one I was visiting!!

This reaffirms my belief in carrying a firearm for personal protection. Had the dog been in the yard of the house I was visiting, I wouldn't have even approached said house. 

Funny side note: my friend driving the Suburban says I can run pretty fast for a middle aged woman. 😂

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Response to the Winston-Salem Journal

Since the Winston-Salem Journal refuses to print letters from active candidates, here is my response to Mr. Johnson. 

Mr. Johnson, 
Foxx voted for HR5 that re-authroized No Child Left Behind. Foxx also voted for the $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus on Dec 18 (HR2029) that funded Planned Parenthood, funded Obamacare, funded Obama’s amnesty and Syrian refugee program and also partially bailed out Puerto Rico.
It is disingenuous to spread only half truths. If Republicans had not fully funded Planned Parenthood and Obamacare on December 18th, they would not have had to vote in January to “dismantle” Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. Republicans use the lack of understanding by a vast majority of Americans in order to trick them into believing they are actually fighting for what we want. I understand and know when Republicans are pulling the wool over our eyes.
The House controls the purse strings-our founders called the power of the purse a weapon. We currently have a representative who is afraid to use this power to defund anything! The time to fight funding was December 18, not after they’ve already funded everything! We need a representative who will listen to the people and who will vote to stop funding. We don’t need a representative who votes to fund all of these things for another year and then turns around in a show vote to dismantle and defund them in an election year in an attempt to trick the electorate into re-electing her. If you want a conservative who will actually fight, I am the person you should vote for on March 15.
Pattie Curran

Obamacare in One Picture

We can't order our sons' asthma meds or any of their other meds until this balance for the blood product he infuses weekly is paid. Life was easier before Obamacare when it had a $16 copay. 

Let me explain this invoice. The $850 is for the medication that protects my youngest son's kidneys from damage. It doesn't go toward our deductible or out-of-pocket max. The $1000 payment seen there was in addition to another $1000 paid last month. Our balance left to pay is $4550.04.

I don't even know if the IGG will ship with this balance. The people at the specialty pharmacy think it will. I'll find out for sure tomorrow. 

The $850 med was "accidentally" shipped. We were waiting for a pre-auth and it was shipped to us without a pre-auth. See previous posts for pre-auth explainations. 

We can't afford this: 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

This Is Why Obamacare Needed to Be Defunded

We've cried out to those who represent us in Washington and they've essentially given we the people the middle finger. 

Sorry, but when millions of Americans are suffering under Obamacare and begging Republicans to stop it.....and Republicans ignore the pleas for help, it IS essentially giving us the middle finger. We gave them the largest Republican majority in the House in over 80 years and delivered the Senate to Republicans. What have they done!? NOTHING except lie about their intentions to fight Obamacare. They were never going to try to stop the law. 

We had the same health care plan for a decade until Onamacare made it unaffordable. The company offered new plans. This screen shot shows the cost of a blood product my son infuses weekly. He did IVIG in the hospital once a month from 2000 through 2005.  In 2005 we switched to SCIG at home. This medication had a $16 copay from 2005 until the year after the law passed. Then the copay doubled. Still affordable, right? 

Last year we had to figure out how to pay over $4000 the first refill and over $1500 the second refill.  For the first time in 19 years with kids who have chronic healt issues, we had to apply for a drug company copay assistance program. This year, the program changed. No doubt due to the number of people who know have unaffordable copays due to Obamacare. 

We paid close to $500 and copay assistance paid $500, leaving us a balance of $3499.75.  We have to refill this again in a week or so and it will cost $1199.31 plus the balance due from the last fill. 

The people in DC exempted themselves from the law and they are out of touch millionaires who have no concept of what the average American family deals with day to day. 

This is one reason why we've been fighting to defund and repeal Obamacare. We are only one of millions of American families who are being harmed by the law. 

With the exception of a very few in DC, the political class doesn't care that the blood product my son infuses weekly is now unaffordable. Virginia Foxx is in the district lying and telling people she's actually fought to stop Obamcare. It's pathetic. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

8000th Door!

One day, I'll have to write a book about this. I have such an amazing time going door to door. I know liberals don't understand my sense of humor or laughter in the face of unkind folks but, well, so what!?  These stories are real life on the trail.

Yesterday, I went to a door and it ended up being REALLY funny! I knocked on the door. A man answered, looked at me and said, "You're not welcome here,' as he started to slam the door. I just looked on in disbelief and said, "Okay."  All of a sudden, I see a hand catch the swinging door and his head pops out and he said, "I am so sorry! I thought you were someone else!"

We laughed and talked for a bit. He was wearing a shirt that said, "Obamacare: bend over and take it." So you can see why we would hit it off. Before I left, he laughed and said, "You're not welcome here, I am so sorry!" Laughing at his original mistake for confusing me with someone else. Oh my goodness, what a funny situation that was.

Today, I knocked on my 8000th door! By the day's end, I had a total of 8,071 doors knocked.  On to 9,000! My goal is in sight! I am hoping to make 10,000 doors before early voting begins on March 3.

8,071 doors and I've still only met 7 folks who support my opponent. Sunday, more than half of the people at the 92 doors I visited were home. Yesterday, I made it to 174 doors, maybe about 30% were home- I find that most days 30-40% of the people are home. So, only meeting 7 folks so far who will tell me they support FOXX is a good sign, in my opinion.

There are quite a few who don't say either way, but the majority of the folks I am meeting are PISSED off. I say pissed because they are beyond angry.

We the people will make our voices heard in DC.