Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another Dog Story

Holy cow! I thought I might have to shoot a dog the other day!!! All you folks who have been commenting about my toting a gun need to read this. 

I walked past this one house with large dog wearing a shock collar. Very large dog. He barked. I went to the house next door and he stopped at what I assume was the electric fence line and was no longer barking. Tail wagging. 

When I got to the door, he ran through the line, through the neighbor's yard and bit at my butt and then my leg. His snout was level with my rear end. If he stood on his hind legs, he'd of likely been as tall as me. 

I took off running with my hand on my holstered weapon as he bit at my legs. A few times, his teeth caught my jeans. Thankfully, he stopped before I got to the old Suburban. He went back to his owner's yard and sat on their porch. For the liberals reading this, by owner I mean the house NEXT DOOR from the one I was visiting!!

This reaffirms my belief in carrying a firearm for personal protection. Had the dog been in the yard of the house I was visiting, I wouldn't have even approached said house. 

Funny side note: my friend driving the Suburban says I can run pretty fast for a middle aged woman. 😂

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