Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Response to the Winston-Salem Journal

Since the Winston-Salem Journal refuses to print letters from active candidates, here is my response to Mr. Johnson. 

Mr. Johnson, 
Foxx voted for HR5 that re-authroized No Child Left Behind. Foxx also voted for the $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus on Dec 18 (HR2029) that funded Planned Parenthood, funded Obamacare, funded Obama’s amnesty and Syrian refugee program and also partially bailed out Puerto Rico.
It is disingenuous to spread only half truths. If Republicans had not fully funded Planned Parenthood and Obamacare on December 18th, they would not have had to vote in January to “dismantle” Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. Republicans use the lack of understanding by a vast majority of Americans in order to trick them into believing they are actually fighting for what we want. I understand and know when Republicans are pulling the wool over our eyes.
The House controls the purse strings-our founders called the power of the purse a weapon. We currently have a representative who is afraid to use this power to defund anything! The time to fight funding was December 18, not after they’ve already funded everything! We need a representative who will listen to the people and who will vote to stop funding. We don’t need a representative who votes to fund all of these things for another year and then turns around in a show vote to dismantle and defund them in an election year in an attempt to trick the electorate into re-electing her. If you want a conservative who will actually fight, I am the person you should vote for on March 15.
Pattie Curran

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Unknown said...

Dear pattie, while looking up my sample ballot for Tuesday's primary and then researching candidates to see who gets my vote, i thought well, i dont have to look up this race because there is no way im voting for Foxx, but im glad i did!! I absolutely love your blog and the articles in various papers are terrific!! I wish you the very best on Tuesday! I will put the word out at tonights columbiettes meeting!! Go get em!! And hide yo biscuits! (look up Foxx on crazy/stupid republican of the day website) you will love it! Promise!! Lorri Guthrie

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