Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interesting Gas Station Encounter

Today has been an eventful day on the political front.  First a reader comment about me published in the Winston-Salem Journal and an interesting gas station encounter.   I brought my middle son to the orthodontist this morning and we stopped for gas on our way back home.  As you can see, my suburban is a work of art and a definite conversation starter.

The gas station attendant was an elderly gentleman and he said to me, "I'm surprised your window hasn't been shot out with that sign on it."   He was friendly enough.  I had to laugh because, really, if you had a choice between the window or the back of my car, which would you say made a better target?

I think he may have been conservative because he seemed to like some of my bumper stickers.  I just thought it was an interesting encounter. The Winston-Salem Journal called to verify my sending in a letter in response, so maybe it will be published tomorrow.  I'm sure it will open me up for more attacks.  It's okay-- I'm a big conservative girl.  I can handle the heat. Heck, I do drive around in this white suburban, after all.

Official Stand Up Video

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Refuting Obama's 99%

This past week has been exciting, crazy and fun. I had the audacity to say that the Winston-Salem Journal was a liberal rag this week.... it upset one of the reporters and he sent me a message. I replied, "Any paper who quotes Obama for statistics on Women's health issues is a liberal rag." I invited him to debate the topic in public, he declined. Why not explain why you think I am wrong in public? I am not afraid and I have a backbone. I stick to my claim that the Winston-Salem Journal is a liberal rag. Here is a nice article refuting the paper's claim and Obama's claim that 99% of women have used contraception. The CDC says Obama is wrong. Why didn't the Winston-Salem Journal do a bit of research before quoting Obama's false statistic? It seems to me that 99% would be high given the population of UNDERAGE women..... but the CDC says 13.9% have never had sex. Obama clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. A point the paper and Obama seem to miss is this: it DOESN'T matter what percentage of women do or don't use contraception! The Catholic Church has always taught that contraception is wrong, and therefore, it does not matter. The Catholic Church should never be forced to pay for something it proclaims to be morally wrong. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church allows for and covers birth control pills used to treat DISEASE. We are not afraid of this battle. We will fight to stop the HHS mandate and to repeal Obamacare. Here comes the Catholic Church.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Why People Came to the Rally

We interviewed quite a few people who attended the rally (before and after).  These are the videos: 

Fr. John's speech:

Debra's Speech:

James' Speech:

Mark's Speech:

Stu's Speech:

Buddy's speech:

Michael's Speech:

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally, Winston-Salem, NC

Within five minutes of arriving at the rally site, five US Marshals were already talking to me and asking for our permit to protest. A few minutes after that, the Winston-Salem Police Department was doing the same! 

I'm currently uploading the video segments of the rally. We made it onto three different news stations tonight, though I can't find the video segments on line for all of them. The Winston-Salem Journal was also present. Here is a link to the News 14 video segment on the rally.You can see the FOX 8 news link here.

A family from Pakistan posted this photo on our Facebook Wall It really brought tears to my eyes knowing that families around the world were standing with us in prayer and support!

We had over 250 people turn out for our rally in Winston-Salem, NC. God is good! Here are a few photos from today:

Mark Speaking

Fr. John being interviewed

Fr. John Speaking

Grace being Interviewed

The Truth About Obamacare

I've been saying it for a long time--

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Religious Freedom Rally Tomorrow

God is really working overtime on the rally. We have everything lined up, speakers, singers, volunteers for every position. Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day! God will be doing something HUGE! I can't wait to tell you all about it. Hopefully, I will be able to put up some of the video clips, too. Tomorrow's homeschool lesson: how to set up and pull off a successful protest. Clean up afterward!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Energy Meeting in Sanford

Wow is one word to describe it. I went with a group of folks and two of my boys to a meeting on fracking last night. Here in North Carolina, fracking is illegal. 70% of people from NC want fracking to be made legal.

The report on fracking came out (it is over 400 pages) and there are meetings so the public can voice their opinions. Last night was a great introduction for my boys to the elite left who think they are smarter than the general public and don't have to follow rules. They have another meeting in Chapel Hill next week and a lady from Chapel Hill drove all the way to Sanford to speak-- guess she didn't think about her carbon footprint.

The highlights of the report were given by DENR. They asked that public comments be kept to 2 minutes or less. Anything longer that that, they asked that it be submitted in writing to them to look over. Several people spoke, then the first liberal got up.... and kept talking. After 9 or 10 of them continued to break the time limit by 6, 7, 8 minutes, I reminded the crowd of the 2 minute time limit. The conservatives stuck to the limits-- maybe going over 20 seconds or so.

There were police all around-- at least 15-20 of them. This one liberal PhD UCLA guy got up and kept going on for over ten minutes. The panel leader asked him to stop, and he kept going. Finally, the police came up to him and he asked for one more minute! I think most people tuned him out because he started off his tirade with telling the panel they were morons and added that the people gathered were stupid, too. Someone needs to give him a lesson in communication. When you tell your "audience" they are stupid, they tend not to listen.

No one is moving quickly, the report from the government said they have lots of things to look into, regulations and water testing, etc, etc.... it will probably take years for them to move forward with ANYTHING. They want all sorts of things to be done....along with more studies.

One lady complained that North Carolina would not benefit, that they would be exporting it and making money. M said, "Oh, we wouldn't want to make money!" One kid who seemed to be about 20 and on drugs stood up to speak. He said, "There's a lot of people here." Astute observation.

The only people going over the time limit or being threatened with police removal were from the left. Very interesting, indeed. I guess they feel what they have to say is more important than what anyone else has to say. Mind boggling.

Made the Editorial Page

Wow... so it is still going on-- people are talking about me, the art and the opera. The only comment I have to the writer is: we live in a democratic republic and not a democracy....

I don't feel persecuted at all. I really don't care what people say about me and if they speak ill of me, I don't feel persecuted. Again, the comments might be vulgar. The left kind of goes overboard with the vulgarity, in my opinion.

Friday, March 16, 2012

If It's Not OK for Him to Take Steroids, Why is it OK for Her?

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute brochure

"The dangerous performance enhancing

steroids taken by athletes are

male steroid hormonal drugs

that build muscle.

One of their risks is liver cancer.

Similarly, female steroid hormonal drugs

build breast tissue.

They not only increase the risk

of liver cancer but breast and cervical

cancers as well.These powerful

steroid drugs are taken by millions

of teenage girls as BIRTH CONTROL PILLS.

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Why are teenage girls vulnerable to the cancer-causing effects of birth control pills? Teenagers are especially vulnerable to breast cancer risk because their breasts are growing and most have not yet developed cancer-resistant Type 3 lobules through a full-term pregnancy. Therefore, the cancer-causing combination contraceptive steroids (birth control pills) are especially dangerous for them."

Read more and see diagrams and explanations at the link above.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Signs

I've had fun making signs with quotes from our founding fathers and other sources.  Here are the signs we have come up with so far: