Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Birth Control

Let's stop pretending that this HHS mandate is about women's rights.  All over the United Sates of America, women can get free birth control and have free sterilization procedures done. This HHS mandate is not about women having access to free birth control. It is about Obama controlling the church. Free birth control is readily available. 

Here are several links where women can get free birth control, and sterilizations-- one site even targets teens! Unconscionable.

Free Birth Control, STI Testing & Exams

Through the Family Planning Benefit Program, residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York State won't pay anything for birth control. No co-payments, monthly payments or deductibles. 

TEENS: Take Charge with FREE Birth Control

FREE Family Planning Services
FREE Prescriptions for Birth Control
FREE Sterilization
Under the state-funded program called "TAKE CHARGE" women and men in Washington State can receive free birth control. Do YOU know someone living in Washington State who could use free birth control? Do YOU know someone who wants to learn what birth control method might work best for them? and get it for FREE.

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