Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Refuting Obama's 99%

This past week has been exciting, crazy and fun. I had the audacity to say that the Winston-Salem Journal was a liberal rag this week.... it upset one of the reporters and he sent me a message. I replied, "Any paper who quotes Obama for statistics on Women's health issues is a liberal rag." I invited him to debate the topic in public, he declined. Why not explain why you think I am wrong in public? I am not afraid and I have a backbone. I stick to my claim that the Winston-Salem Journal is a liberal rag. Here is a nice article refuting the paper's claim and Obama's claim that 99% of women have used contraception. The CDC says Obama is wrong. Why didn't the Winston-Salem Journal do a bit of research before quoting Obama's false statistic? It seems to me that 99% would be high given the population of UNDERAGE women..... but the CDC says 13.9% have never had sex. Obama clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. A point the paper and Obama seem to miss is this: it DOESN'T matter what percentage of women do or don't use contraception! The Catholic Church has always taught that contraception is wrong, and therefore, it does not matter. The Catholic Church should never be forced to pay for something it proclaims to be morally wrong. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church allows for and covers birth control pills used to treat DISEASE. We are not afraid of this battle. We will fight to stop the HHS mandate and to repeal Obamacare. Here comes the Catholic Church.

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