Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Government home visits to increase under Obamacare

Government home visits to increase under Obamacare

We tried to warn people. HSLDA has been on this from the time it was introduced and continues to warn folks...and we know when states get money for something, they like to get money so they do it- jackbooted thugs.Justina's case at Boston Children's certainly is an example of the statist mentality- the collective over the individual. Boston Children's kidnapped Justina for over a year, ignored the experts on Mito at Tufts and have now put her in foster care at a mental facility. This could not happen without the jackbooted thugs who carry out the state's orders. Progressive wanted this- they love the state to be involved in every aspect of one's life. If we had a school system that taught people about individual liberty and the truth about our founding, people wouldn't go for this progressive, Marxist ideology. We must stand up and educate people on parental rights and liberty as the founders intended- as intended by God! Here is a quote from the article:

"Thanks to ObamaCare, states can receive federal grants to increase home visits, a move that raises concerns about government intrusion into family life.

In existing home visit programs, social workers visit the homes of certain “at-risk” groups, aiming to improve family health and school readiness and decrease domestic violence.

“What they do once they get there, I don’t know, but at the very minimum, it’s the government wanting to step in and tell you how to raise your kids, because if the government thought you could raise your kids on your own, they wouldn’t be sending busybodies to snoop around,” said Scott Woodruff, senior counsel at Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

The Affordable Care Act mandates giving home visit priority to “high risk populations”: families that are low-income or have a history of interactions with child welfare services, child abuse, or substance abuse; families where children perform poorly in school, have developmental delays or disabilities; military families, and women who become pregnant before age 21."

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kay Hagan Has Some Nerve

I visited her DC office twice last year. Brought copies of medical bills going back to 2007 to show how our costs have skyrocketed under Obamacare. Brought invoices going back to 2007 that show a life saving medication drug copay was $131 for years before the supposed ACA passed and then showed her how it skyrocketed to $532. She ignored my March visit. In October she responded to our visit in September with a form letter about why she supports Obamacare. Not one mention of my family or how Obamacare is hurting us. She also forgot telling me ON CAMERA that Obamacare will give us the same healthcare they have in Congress. Right..... 

Today, I received another letter. Automated, of course. I take exception to these letters- especially when the senator uses our tax dollars in a campaign year to "campaign" with letters. Someone should investigate. Again, this letter is insulting. Even more insulting than the previous letter. She says that the rollout was frustrating. Boo hoo. Then goes on to say why it shouldn't be repealed and talks about people saving money on prescription drugs. WHY would any rational human being send this to a family who is being DESTROYED by Obamacare!? Kay Hagan cannot deny she knows who I am. I am the mother who confronted her and made national news in 2010. I have gone to DC to visit her office, I protest outside of her local office and give them visits, too. I have given her staff so many copies and reports that they KNOW Obamacare is harming my family. They have seen the proof. Her staffer rolled her eyes at me during our first DC meeting.... they don't like that I am a constant reminder of how wrong Obamacare is for Americans.

It only lights the fire under my feet to make sure she is not re-elected. Her is the letter. Sorry about the blot on the back! I marked out my address...but even without those words, you get what she is saying. She is a piece of work. I have already called her office to voice my disgust at receiving such a letter. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

People are Excited about Freedomworks for America Greg Brannon for Senate Signs!

I love Freedomworks! Freedomworks endorsed Greg Brannon in the North Carolina US Senate race and Freedomworks for America has the greatest signs! Here are a few people with their yard signs supporting Greg Brannon for US Senate:

Tea party hero Greg Brannon runs for U.S. Senate

Tea party hero Greg Brannon runs for U.S. Senate

Monday, February 17, 2014

Furious Parent Blasts Senator Over Health Care | WXII Home - WXII Home

Furious Parent Blasts Senator Over Health Care | WXII Home - WXII Home

This the article on the confrontation I had with Senator Hagan. For some reason, I cannot find the video on WXII any longer.... will see if I can locate it.

Friday, February 14, 2014

IRS Blast from the Past

Last year we protested outside of the local IRS building. I made a banner that said,"Will we be audited now!?" Lots of folks on the left laughed at us... But we found out the IRS  DID target conservatives.AND it is worse than we even knew. NOW Barack Obama is using the IRS to silence businesses who have to lay people off because of Obamacare. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED! I will not cower from a president and government who will target me and audit me.... I WILL NOT ALLOW this government to silence me. I have a God-given, Constitutionally protected right to FREE SPEECH and I know our founders who shed their blood would not cower from this president and his administration. I sometimes feel these great men cheering me on through their writings and this blessed republic they founded for us. I won't comply with the HHS mandate whose penalties will be collected by the IRS. When will you join us in the fight against a tyrannical government!? Do not be afraid to stand up for your God-given rights! Join us today! Give me liberty or give me death!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

House Republicans Lied

I'm angry because House Republicans lied to us last year during the fight to #defundobamacare through the CR. We were repeatedly told defunding #obamacare was not the fight they wanted to have, that they would fight on raising the debt ceiling. They caved like the spineless jellyfish that they are yesterday! If they aren't going to fight for the American people and stand up for something, resign so we can get people in there who aren't afraid to stand. Weak kneed, Karl Rove backed establishment RINOs. Here we are in front of the Capitol the day before the Graves Resolution CR passed...and remember in all our meetings we were told it wasn't possible... They lied about that, too. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

CBS: Washington Children Lose Access to Seattle Children's

Having two children with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome and knowing that Seattle Children's is one of two places in the United States with expertise in doing bone marrow transplants in SDS kids, this hits close to home. Our insurance recently dropped Cincinnati Children's Hospital pharmacy and we wonder if their bone marrow failure clinic will be next. In 9 years with this insurance, a hospital pharmacy has never been dropped before....... and even scarier?  Cincy Children's is the other hospital that does SDS bone marrow transplants. Why is this important? Because 50% of SDS kids who go to transplant die unless they go to one of these special centers.

 If we are dumped onto the exchanges next year, the plans won't let us leave our state to go to either center...With two chronically ill kids, we are very concerned because it looks like our employer will be dumping us because of Obamacare... their costs are estimated to increase 7.4 million this year... they can't keep that up. Even liberals have to understand why I fight with so much passion against this unAffordable Care Act. It's tyranny and it is UNaffordable.  It hurts children, it hurts the elderly and it is a tax on the sick. 

A friend asked me if I was moving out to clear up any confusion others might have, too, I will share my answer: No, not moving out west. But if my kids need a BMT, we will go to Cincy Children's or Seattle Children's if our insurance doesn't change. If they have a BMT at places other than these two, their chance of survival is 50%. At these two places, it is greater than 80-90%. 

With those stats, where do you think my kids should have a BMT if they need one? Both came close to BMT in 2000 and then J again in 2006. J has no match in the bone marrow donor registry, making transplant even riskier. Definitely want him seen by experts. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Matt Kibbe on Freedomworks Endorsement of Dr. Greg Brannon for US Senate

I cannot tell a lie. I love Freedomworks! From the very first time I went walking with them to the defund Obamacare town halls and our visit to their DC office, I just like their organization and all they stand for! Here is a minute and a half long video of Matt Kibbe talking about the endorsement.

$55,179.38 Insurance Has Paid for Meds in 2014

Insurance has now paid $55,179.38 for medications in 2014. It's only February 7..... Our copays total $1,590.20 plus the one $54.00 med not covered by insurance. This is why I get sick and tired of hearing all our cost increases are due to corporate greed..... they were paying this before Obamacare, too.... Next year we will be dumped onto the exchanges because they will no longer be able to afford to pay this AND pay the extra Obamacare expenses. 7.4 million  increase ( see letter I posted last fall) in 2014! What's 2015 gonna cost them if they stay compliant with Obama's  namesake law?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Freedomworks Endorses Greg Brannon for US Senate

Remember the Defund Obamacare Town Halls? Freedomworks helped get those off the ground. Then, when I went with my fellow homeschooling moms to Washington, DC, Freedomworks helped us to understand the Graves Resolution CR and how to handle the responses we would receive from our elected officials in all of the meetings we had set up. I am very excited about everything Freedomworks does.  

You can imagine the excitement I felt being invited to the Greg Brannon for US Senate endorsement party this past Tuesday....and how cool it was to meet Matt Kibbe!  Here are a few photos from the night: 

Corporate Greeders, Explain the Corporate Greed..I See Government Greed

See the $21,700 claim at the top? Insurance paid over $18,000. When the other claims roll in, Insurance will have paid well over half a million dollars out for my family. Somewhere around $550,000. Keep trying to tell me it's not Obamacare raising our costs, that it's corporate greed. Sure thing..... THIS and the employer picked up the brunt of the $3066/year increase in premiums...(that we are now taxed on..... Government greed there) Corporate greeders, please explain how dropping the FSA and HSA limit and thus increasing the tax burden that hurts families with sick loved ones is corporate greed rather than government greed? How is decreasing the amount of medical we can deduct from our taxes corporate greed rather than government greed for want of more tax dollars regardless of the harm it does to families with sick loved ones? How is the medical device tax a form of corporate greed instead of government greed? Tanning bed tax? penalty taxes? Please explain how all of the increased tax burdens in Obamacare are explained away by corporate greed. I'm sick of the corporate greed BS.... We've got a government greed problem.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

33k as of Feb 4, 2014

Feb 4 and insurance has already paid $33,062.88. Our copays come to $1009.47 plus one $54 med not covered by insurance not shown on our pharmacy benefit website.  Isn't it great that Obamacare drops our flex spending to $2,500? Oh so helpful for families with sick loved ones.  No corporate greed here. I don't believe the government would ever pay and average of 33k a month for my kids' medications.