Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Government home visits to increase under Obamacare

Government home visits to increase under Obamacare

We tried to warn people. HSLDA has been on this from the time it was introduced and continues to warn folks...and we know when states get money for something, they like to get money so they do it- jackbooted thugs.Justina's case at Boston Children's certainly is an example of the statist mentality- the collective over the individual. Boston Children's kidnapped Justina for over a year, ignored the experts on Mito at Tufts and have now put her in foster care at a mental facility. This could not happen without the jackbooted thugs who carry out the state's orders. Progressive wanted this- they love the state to be involved in every aspect of one's life. If we had a school system that taught people about individual liberty and the truth about our founding, people wouldn't go for this progressive, Marxist ideology. We must stand up and educate people on parental rights and liberty as the founders intended- as intended by God! Here is a quote from the article:

"Thanks to ObamaCare, states can receive federal grants to increase home visits, a move that raises concerns about government intrusion into family life.

In existing home visit programs, social workers visit the homes of certain “at-risk” groups, aiming to improve family health and school readiness and decrease domestic violence.

“What they do once they get there, I don’t know, but at the very minimum, it’s the government wanting to step in and tell you how to raise your kids, because if the government thought you could raise your kids on your own, they wouldn’t be sending busybodies to snoop around,” said Scott Woodruff, senior counsel at Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

The Affordable Care Act mandates giving home visit priority to “high risk populations”: families that are low-income or have a history of interactions with child welfare services, child abuse, or substance abuse; families where children perform poorly in school, have developmental delays or disabilities; military families, and women who become pregnant before age 21."

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