Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kay Hagan Has Some Nerve

I visited her DC office twice last year. Brought copies of medical bills going back to 2007 to show how our costs have skyrocketed under Obamacare. Brought invoices going back to 2007 that show a life saving medication drug copay was $131 for years before the supposed ACA passed and then showed her how it skyrocketed to $532. She ignored my March visit. In October she responded to our visit in September with a form letter about why she supports Obamacare. Not one mention of my family or how Obamacare is hurting us. She also forgot telling me ON CAMERA that Obamacare will give us the same healthcare they have in Congress. Right..... 

Today, I received another letter. Automated, of course. I take exception to these letters- especially when the senator uses our tax dollars in a campaign year to "campaign" with letters. Someone should investigate. Again, this letter is insulting. Even more insulting than the previous letter. She says that the rollout was frustrating. Boo hoo. Then goes on to say why it shouldn't be repealed and talks about people saving money on prescription drugs. WHY would any rational human being send this to a family who is being DESTROYED by Obamacare!? Kay Hagan cannot deny she knows who I am. I am the mother who confronted her and made national news in 2010. I have gone to DC to visit her office, I protest outside of her local office and give them visits, too. I have given her staff so many copies and reports that they KNOW Obamacare is harming my family. They have seen the proof. Her staffer rolled her eyes at me during our first DC meeting.... they don't like that I am a constant reminder of how wrong Obamacare is for Americans.

It only lights the fire under my feet to make sure she is not re-elected. Her is the letter. Sorry about the blot on the back! I marked out my address...but even without those words, you get what she is saying. She is a piece of work. I have already called her office to voice my disgust at receiving such a letter. 

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