Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Life on the Trail

Time flies when you're running for Congress. I keep telling myself that I'm going to journal my "life as a candidate", but when I get home, I find a million other things to do and never put pen to paper, so to speak. It is so much FUN. I've met so many wonderful Americans who love our great nation and feel the same way I do.

It's been going better than I ever imagined, of course.  Being a grassroots campaign, money is the biggest obstacle we face. I'm not a career politician with a big bank account! I'm thankful for each and every person who has believed in me enough to donate to the campaign. This is not about me- this is about we the people taking back what is rightfully ours- our own government. This is about making OUR voices heard in Washington.

I'm participated in the 30 Day Thankfulness Challenge and  I wrote one day:

Today I'm thankful for the seemingly insurmountable things in life. I'm thankful for the difficult tasks and uphill battles because when we beat the odds despite the obstacles, it is then that we KNOW God performed a miracle. Work as if it all depends on you, pray as if it all depends on God.* Work hard using the talent God has given you and trust that He will perform miracles!
'The Heavens are telling the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hand" -Psalm 19:1
 *Not sure which saint said this-sources vary. 

So, the money rolls in just when we need it. God is good. I've got a great group of grassroots volunteers who work hard every day...... and I've personally knocked on over 5,000 doors myself. Which is where I intended this blog post to go. The doors.

The people I meet. The things we see! Most people are quite surprised to see a congressional candidate at their door. I've had more than one person I've had to convince that I'm actually running for Congress. It's so funny when they say, "Seriously? YOU are running for Congress? Get out!"

My friends and I have such a good time on the trail. I have friends who are door knocking, I have friends who drive me around to make my door knocking easier. I've also been blessed to have met some really amazing people as I've gone door to door. While most people just grab the info and say, "thank you", there are some folks who engage in wonderful conversations. Their passion about our nation inspires me. Too many to discuss at length---this is why I think I should blog daily- not to mention them by name, but to write of our discussions, their concerns and our similar passion to restore America. I cannot tell you the hope I feel when I meet passionate, God-fearing Americans who want to restore our nation as badly as I do!

I've only had 3 people refuse to open the door, the rest of the folks home have been quite nice with the exception of very few.  I completely understand not wanting to open the door for a stranger in this day and age.

A few weeks ago, when I introduced myself, I had a lady yell at the top of her lungs while wagging her finger in my face, "I would never vote for you! I HATE homeschooling."  After discussing personal liberty and the God-given right of parents to choose how to educate their own children, she said she'd think about it.  She actually felt that all children should have to go to public schools. I am not kidding.  I repeatedly told her that it was a parent's right to decide how to educate their children- private, public or home. Parents are the primary educators of their children, a task given to them by Almighty God.  I fully support school choice and I want ALL children to have the best education possible.  This does;t mean we force everyone to go to public school.

She also felt I wouldn't know anything about public schools since my children had never been to public school (other than Driver's Ed)-- to which I replied, "Ma'am, I am public school educated and I graduated from a public university, I know about public schools firsthand."

Now for some funny stories.

I rang the bell at one house and a little boy peered through the side window and then shouted to his mom, "Mom! It's a Mormon!" I about fell over from laughing so hard.

The most shockingly funny houses I've been to were the ones with dog poop. These could go under the chapter, "Trials ad Tribulations of being a Candidate" <laughter>. Last month, I went to this one house and smelled "it" as I walked up, but thought it must just be in the yard. As I got closer to the door,  the smell of poop became stronger.  As I stood at the door,  I noticed little baggies of what seemed like doggie business sitting on a chair.  Curiosity got the best of me, I leaned toward the baggies and found out that they definitely contained poop.  There was another house where the dog must have pooped as he was walking up the steps of the front porch. I kid you not.  As I approached, I thought, "Hmm this is odd...." When a very nice gentleman came to the door, he apologized and told me to watch out for the landlines he'd not had time to clean up.  Life happens.....animal poop happens.  My friends and I enjoy being able to laugh as we go along. What else can you do? To each his own...... I'm not going to make any judgements about these folks.

Then there are engaging folks who seems to be on the same page, yet don't like "politicians" ..... and don't seem to understand I have NEVER run for office before...I'm just a homeschooling mom and veteran who is concerned about my country. I'm not a politician..........yet.  When I win and go to DC, I guess I'll have to suck up that title..... <gulp>

The other day, I met this one passionate young woman who seemed annoyed with me from the start. I could tell she was as concerned about the restoration of America as I am, but with every question she asked, I couldn't get a complete answer out. We spoke for 10 minutes, but I was never able to fully answer her questions.....each time I began, she would hammer me and we'd get into the weeds. We found several areas of agreement, but I left feeling she was still rather annoyed. It happens. As I do every night, I write letters and cards to everyone who spent time speaking with me during the day. I wrote a letter and answered each of her questions.

I'm so thankful for those folks who take the time to speak with me at their door- even those who don't seem to like me very much. <laughter>  I consider it a blessing to live in this great nation and a privilege to be able to run for office..... and to fight for what I believe in.  I know there will always be people who disagree and there will be people who hate me (read some of the comments on my blog for proof of that!). All I can do is be true to who I am, stand firm in Christ and fight for the principles that made America the greatest nation on earth-- that shining city on a hill.

God is good. I'm going to *try* my best to blog about my daily adventures every evening. Today, I head to Raleigh with a few of my close friends to file. My husband is working and can't make it. :( He's with me in spirit.

It's going to be a great day!

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