Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guilty, Perhaps? Motivated, Oh Yes!

Yesterday felt surreal as we all watched the Fast and Furious ordeal play out on our TV sets. While I probably should not have been shocked, I was. I couldn't believe that President Obama asserted executive privilege. My first thought was, "Oh, this is not good. Obama is involved and he has something to hide." Of course, the entire news media began speculating, "Will this be bad for Republicans?", "Will this hurt Obama's reelection campaign?", so forth and so on. To hear a Democrat like Bob Beckel tell it, this is going to be very bad for Republicans. I'm sorry, Bob, I think you are dead WRONG. I think this will wake more folks up. You see, until the last election, I was politically active, handed out a few conservative cards at the polls and always voted. I never had a political sign in my yard, not even in the 2008 election! Until Congress rammed through Obamacare, I only had one pro-life sticker on my car. Now, I have interchangeable magnets and keep a minimum of 5 on my car each day. For the first time in my life, I am going to be campaigning door to door. Never again will I merely participate in the political process. I think this is going to help Republicans win the White House, keep the majority in the House and win the majority in the Senate. Those of us who were mere participants in the political process have now been motivated to work harder than we have ever worked on anything in our lives. Those who were never active, have become active. The base is fired up and November is coming! Now back to the guilty party, I think yesterday told America that Obama and Holder have something to hide. They're in deep now. I called my representative yesterday and will continue to call and urge that Congress hold Holder in contempt. Brian Terry's parents deserve justice, just as Travon Martin's parents deserve justice. Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now? Brian was killed by a gun that our US government put into the hands of drug cartels. I guess the left makes a special exception for Obama because they love him so much. We know the MSM won't turn on Obama and report the facts, so it is up to us and the conservative media to shine light on this. You can bet, I'll be talking about this as I go door to door this election cycle.

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