Thursday, June 21, 2012

Julia Sweeney is Smoking Crack

Julia Sweeney, "cultural Catholic",  is smoking crack! WaWhat? The bishops are forcing people... huh? Um, Julia, dear, did you know that Catholics in this country are FREE to go get a prescription for birth control and abortion drugs from their doctors and pay for them with their own money? We faithful Catholics don't want money we put into the collection basket going to pay for the murder of innocent children in the womb, and yes, dear Julia, the pill also causes abortions as its third mechanism to prevent pregnancy when the first two fail.

 Notice Julia only mentions birth control and fails to mention that this HHS mandate also covers abortion drugs like Ella and Plan B. She also fails to mention that is also covers surgical sterilization procedures. The left tells half truths to sell the HHS mandate to the American people.

Julia needs to read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, doesn't she? She shows her complete lack of intelligence in the video below. The first amendment is clear. Julia Sweeney clearly misses the mark on this one. What is a cultural Catholic, anyway?  I guess since she "Let go of God", it means she really isn't Catholic, huh?

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TexasBirdGirl said...

She is an EX-Catholic, and an ATHEIST. There is NOTHING Catholic about her. She wants to FORCE her beliefs on others she wants to DESTROY our constitution. She should become Expatriated as well!

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