Saturday, January 23, 2016

Newsflash: I Carry a Gun

Newsflash: I carry a gun for self-defense, should the need arise.
I offended a liberal because I talk about guns and mentioned I was prepared to neutralize any threat from attack dogs. Always an anonymous liberal, of course.  This person is also *offended* that I called the attack dog Democrat a whacko liberal.
Excuse me? If a conservative yelled at a liberal not to enter their yard, said his dogs would attack said liberal, I'd be calling that conservative a whacko conservative. 
I LOVE guns. I am prepared to use them in defense of myself, my family and the people I love. If you send your dogs to attack me, I WILL shoot them. Right in front of you. I love animals, but if one is attacking me, I will neutralize the threat. Period. Instead of coming after me for carrying a gun, we should be discussing how it's not okay to threaten people with lethal weapons called attack dogs. 
Perhaps the moral of the story for liberals is:
Don't threaten good folks with attack dogs. Some people carry guns. If your dogs attack people, your dogs may not survive.....unless they attack an unarmed person. That wouldn't be me. I love guns and am always armed where legal. 
Yes, I am always armed where legal. I hope I never have to use my gun in defense of LIFE, but I am prepared to do so. Don't tread on me. I unabashedly embrace the second amendment. 

All this being said, I think the story was funny since no one was harmed. I might not be laughing if the woman in my earlier blog post had actually sent her dogs to attack me, but since it turned out okay in the end, I am laughing. I wouldn't have had to think about my gun that day if I had not been threatened with attack dogs. 
I have a sense of humor. I am an equal opportunity story teller and I hold ALL elected officials accountable- have you seen my blog posts and activism record of going after conservatives!? 

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