Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bless You're Heart.......You're Middle-Aged

I am so glad to have been raised in the south. If you aren't familiar with the way we southerners use the term "Bless you're heart",  I'll explain.  It can either be a genuine sign of pity for the person to whom it is being spoken to, or in the case of utter stupidity, we southerners also use it as a polite way to say, "Aww, you're an idiot and just can't help it."

I've already made it to 298 doors this week and will be heading out again this afternoon. The weather has been somewhat cold. I've been wearing my gloves in the mornings before it warms up a bit and then again in the evenings as it starts to cool down. I've had so many sweet people tell me, "Bless your heart for being out in this cold weather."  It could have been used either way, I suppose.

If we want to overcome the DC establishment, it's going to take a lot of hard work. Grassroots is the great equalizer - I'm closing in on 7,000 doors. My goal is 10,000 doors, but I think I am on track to hit 12,000. When my legs get tired or my back starts hurting, I keep on going because I remind myself that this is not about me. This is about restoring America for our children and our grandchildren. I believe that with all my heart. This is about we the people taking back that which is rightfully ours. Our government. We will show the DC establishment that Foxx's $2 million cash on hand cannot overcome the power of we the people.

Not bad for a middle-aged woman! <laughter>  I just realized yesterday that I am middle-aged. <smile> Well, I knew it, but honestly, never really thought about it much.  I met the sweetest couple yesterday, 

I knocked on the door and an older gentleman answered. After I told him why I was there, he got rather excited and said, "You've got to come in!" As I entered the house he yelled, "Honey! Come meet our next congressman!" 

Giving out yard signs
He asked me several questions about what I've done in the past, my military experience, where I went to college, etc. Then he asked, "You look very young, how old are you?" I replied, "Forty-seven." He said, "WOW! Forty-seven and you've already done so much. It's nice to see middle-aged people stepping up to help restore out country."  I talked with them both for a while and before leaving the man said, "We need people in Washington with balls." 

That is how most Americans feel, sir. We are tired of the spineless jellyfish do nothing Republicans.

I was laughing as I left. I had never thought of myself as middle-aged before. A few houses later, another couple told me that I looked too young to have a son graduating from college and getting married this summer. They thought I was in my 30s.  I've gotten that a lot. Several older ladies told me I was too young to run for Congress, then were absolutely shocked when I told them that I'm 47. 

Great Americans!
The last door I'll tell you about today is a great couple I met last night. The wife was in the yard when I walked up. We struck up a conversation and her husband came to join us. She said, "He loves politics, you'll never be able to leave."  They feel pretty much the same way most of the people I meet feel, tired of the DC establishment ignoring us. This guy was hysterical, he called the RINOs we have up there now all the things we feel about them. God love people who tell the truth.

It is an uphill battle against her two million dollars, but I feel confident that we the people will prevail. Leadership, here we come.

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