Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Imagine a Liberal Republican

Yesterday, I received this note on a letter that was opened and returned to me. A man attached this note to it and spent .49 cents to send it all back. Pray for him. 

He's a registered Republican, too. Did he switch to the anti-God Democratic Party recently? 

I cannot even imagine doing something like this, much less spending ANY money to do it. He damned his own name in his note. 

This definitely makes the "weird things that happen when you run for office" file. I wonder if people like this think they get under my skin? They don't. We prayed for him yesterday after we laughed over his note. 

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Anonymous said...

What a horrible thing to say that the Democratic party is Anti-God! Seriously!
And you want to represent our state?
Not with that hate. I was leaning toward voting for you, but after that, I'll vote for whoever is against you, Republican or Democrat.

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