Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Dogs Will Attack You!

I made it to 100 houses today. Met some absolutely wonderful people! People are FED up! AND they aren't stupid! Most of the people we have in DC right now think we the people are a much of morons. 

Newsflash: If Republicans hadn't funded Planned Parenthood on December 18th, they wouldn't have had to pretend they were trying to defund it this month. The American people are on to your tricks and we are coming to take our country back. We will not be ignored any longer! 
It is SO great to get out and talk to people who feel the same way I do. Of course, that is not always the case....every once in a while I go to a house where the Republican has moved away..........

Left one front porch and walked toward the house next door. There was a lady sitting on porch. Because I was close enough (at property line from her R neighbors), I told her that I was running for Congress in the Republican primary. 
She snapped, "Don't step foot in my yard! I've got dogs that will attack you! I vote Democrat!" 
I smiled and said, "Have a great day," as I was thinking, "I've got a 9mm that can take care of any dogs that attack." (no fence in back or front) I walked down the property line as I scoped the yard for "attack dogs". Thankfully, none appeared. 
A man pulled up as I was crossing the street to go to the next Republican house on the list. I was almost at the driveway and he said, "She's older and can't come to the door, I get her mail." The woman on the porch yelled at him with disgust, "She's a REPUBLICAN and she's running for Congress." 
I waved and yelled back, "I love Democrats, too!"
I'm definitely writing a book. Wow. Really? She probably supports gun control and would have freaked out if she knew I was carrying my 9mm concealed. I always carry when I go door to door, you never know what kind of crazy people you might run into. In this case, the Republican had moved and I ran into a whacko liberal.

What kind of person says these kind of things? 

A few houses earlier, I knocked on the door of a registered Republican who said he likes Trump and Sanders. That was mind boggling. I've been home a few hours and still can't wrap my mind around THAT one! 


Anonymous said...

Hello Pattie, I found a note you left at our door advertising your aspirations for public office. Thank you for the effort. You've given me several things to think about.

After reading the above essay, I hope that you don't think that bragging about toting a gun, or making fun of other people will help you in the long run.

Stay positive and don't worry about what other people say or do. Win hearts and minds (and votes) the better way with sound reasoning and equanimity towards the people you meet especially those whom you disagree with or who may be grouchy old Democrats!. After all, don't we have enough hyperbolic rhetoric filling the public arenas?

Anyways, best of luck to you and yours.

A "whacko liberal" in Clemmons.

Pattie C said...

I'm a real person. I have a sense of humor. I carry a gun. I think these interactions with people are funny. Surely, even as a liberal, you can see the humor in the above story. I think I handled the interaction well. I actually felt somewhat threatened as I searched the unfenced yard for attack dogs. I handled the woman in the story above with complete equanimity, it was she who wasn't level headed or calm.

What kind of person yells at a friendly human being that her dogs will attack said person? An unequanimical person. I think people who either intentionally or without really thinking make such threats are whacko.

I don't hide behind anonimity, either. Why are so many liberals afraid to use their real names? I am unwavering in my conservative principles and I always carry a gun where legal. Best wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "whacko liberal" above, I don't see the humor in the story. The woman tells you to stay off her property and that she has dogs. Your first thought is "I can kill those dogs". Yeah, I don't think anyone wants that type of person representing NC.

Best of luck to you and God Bless

Pattie C said...

Dear anonymous, you apparently missed that the woman told me her dog would ATTACK me. There is a difference between saying, "My dogs will ATTACK you" and "I have dogs". Liberals shouldn't threaten people with their attack dogs. period.

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