Friday, September 6, 2013

Update on *THAT* Corporate Greed the Left is Always Talking About

Here's an update on that *corporate greed* the left is always talking about. Hubby's employer is self insured and has paid $257,397.40 just for medications so far in 2013. No government would continue to pay 32K a month for my boys' meds.

The company has paid $30,742.79 in medical claims so far in 2013, bringing the total they've paid out to $288,602.09.  We've still got claims pending, so that number will increase!

I'm posting the numbers again because folks on the left continue to respond to my Obamacare claims with one of two responses "she's lying" or "It's corporate greed". Not one has responded when I ask them these two questions: Where was the corporate greed from 2005-2010? What in the law makes the corporate greed worse, if it IS corporate greed causing all of our ills? 

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