Saturday, September 21, 2013

Obamacare Hurts More Families-Real American Families

Several friends are finding out just how Obamacare is working out for them. A close friend told me today that her employer and her husband's employer are dropping spouses from their plans. With Chronically ill kids, it isn't helpful to have to meet two OOP maxes, two Deductibles, etc. I find it appalling that the Obama Administration has spent millions on propaganda to tell the American people that Obamacare is really good for them.

Another friend recently wrote this letter to her senator's LA:

Dear Margaret,

My husband retired at the end of 2008.  For the first couple years of retirement we purchased insurance from my former company.  The company's insurance continued to escalate so I decided to look elsewhere.   In January 2012 we went on BCBSNC.  Our plan is a high deductible HSA plan.  We have a 10000 dollar deductible and we pay about 500 dollars a month.  Taking the high deductible plan cut our premiums in about half.  Recently BCBSNC informed me that due to the ACA, my current plan will not be grandfathered and we can expect LARGE increases in our premiums. (we estimate $1200/mth)  They also mentioned that we may not be able to maintain our current doctors/hospitals.  When I called BCBS they told me that the reason my plan was not grandfathered was because I was not in the plan as of March 23, 2010.  Therefore we now have tax payers that can still have high deductible or other plans and others like me that are being forced to over insure ourselves.  This really doesn't seem at all fair to me.  By the way my husband and I  are not yet eligible for Medicare so this is all pre-Medicare.  We hope the Senator will vote FOR  and lead on the defund Obamacare bill when/if it comes to a floor vote in the Senate. The majority of Americans do not want this unaffordable, unfair, unworkable, UnAmerican bill.  We need Senator Burr to support the Graves bill in the Senate and influence  others to vote to defund.  It’s not really a “dumb” idea since we see the House voted in an over-whelming majority reflecting the wishes of the public.
Hopefully information like our story can help to get this thing killed before it literally starts killing not just jobs, but people.

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Why don't you just sign up for Obamacare? It will be cheaper and more comprehensive than what you have now.

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