Thursday, September 26, 2013

Richard Burr Staff Still Clueless

I decided to go down to his local office again yesterday. I spoke to the lady who works with veterans. She tells me they have no policy people in local offices. So, I wondered if they communicate our wishes to the senator or his DC staff. She assures me that she does. 

Just as in our DC visit, his staffer was clueless. The staffer said,"The senator is going to do what he thinks is best." Oh boy. I explained how the senator needed to listen to we the people! This isn't about what he honks is best- he is supposed to do what we the people want. 

A vote against cloture is a vote against my family with sick kids. I don't see hope for Richard Burr joining the side of the people. He's sold his soul and is part of the establishment we want removed from DC. 

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