Thursday, September 19, 2013

Defund Obamacare Photo at the Capitol

After a long day of meetings, we were finally able to unroll my banner and get this picture in front of the Capitol. I made this banner for our local town hall meeting and it ended up at 5 town halls across North Carolina and at two defund Obamacare protests here in NC. I mailed it to the last town hall and then Dee returned it to me when we protested at Renee Ellmer's office last week.

Hannah took the picture. She has a blog: Unalienable Liberty I Tweeting the photo out late Tuesday night and was surprised to see Senator Ted Cruz share it on his Facebook page the next day! Amazing! The comments by liberals made me laugh. They cannot refrain from name calling. Teabillies and rag tag group. We actually like the name "TeaBillies" - you know it fits with the theme of our trip this time- we did camp at Pohick Bay and drove along the PoWhite Expressway.

Don't you just love America? Our concern is not with numbers- we already know a majority of Americans feel the same way we do- we've just got the courage to stand alone in front of the Capitol. We are a group of 6 Americans (gotta count the photographer) who are not part of a lobbying group- just ordinary citizens who went to DC to meet with their Senators and Representatives and asked them to #defundobamacare The story behind the banner- it was a banner that I made for ourdefund obamacare town hall here for the 5th and 12th Congressional districts here in NC- it went to 5 such town halls, and two defund Obamacare protests in our own state. When we go to DC, we like to get photos and this time we brought the banner for our photos. We were not concerned with numbers, just that we got a message sent to Congress. We had no idea that Senator Cruz would post it or share it. Call us teabillies or a rag tag group- your insults do not bother us. We are proud to stand for what we believe and proud to be in the greatest nation on earth where we can petition our government for a redress of grievances. We cherish that which is uniquely American. It was a blessing and an honor to meet Senator Cruz at coffee Tuesday morning and I am proud of him for his hard work and fighting for the American people.Isn't it great to live in a nation where you have the freedom to insult us for our stance?

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