Friday, September 13, 2013

Action Alert! Action Needed to Defund Obamacare! Call!

Okay, folks! We need you to make more calls. Ask your representative to support the Graves CR (HJ Res 62)

There are two Graves bills.  The first one, (HR 2682) was what Graves was proposing to leadership to draft as legislation to attach to the rider.  Now because leadership didn't do that, Graves and the 42 Members have drafted what you could call, the Graves CR (HJ Res 62).  Graves wants to be a productive Member and show them that hey, you didn't want to do it, so here is the CR that you should have drafted originally.  This also flies in direct opposition to the notion that it can't be done.  If you can put something into legislative text (which is what the Graves CR is) it can be done.

The target and the message haven't changed.  If you are asking your Member to Defund Obamacare through the CR, they will know what you're saying. You can let them know that you know the details by adding "the Graves CR"  For the Hill, that now means to support the Graves CR.

It is looking like late next week is when they will have the CR vote.  Continue to ask your Member to Defund through the CR and they will know what you're saying.

Let's make them feel the heat!

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