Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9-11 Protest at Richard Burr's Office

The Senator's staff says that Richard Burr Supports attacking Syria (I called his office this morning)  On the anniversary of 9-11 we want to send the Senator a message to change his stance and to vote NO to the President's request for authorization to use force against Syria.

Both sides in the Syrian civil war are our enemies- Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. To ask any American military member to aid even ONE Al Qaeda terrorist or to help the side fighting alongside Al Qaeda members is unconscionable. Al Qaeda terrorists killed over 3000 Americans on 9-11-2001 - No American should be forced to fight alongside or even push a button to launch a missile for the terrorists who killed Americans on 9-11- and I don't care if there not all Al Qaeda like Hagan's people are trying to say- they are fighting with Al Qaeda, and thus are on the side of those who murdered Americans!

Assad has vowed to retaliate against Israel. If the US attacks- the US will be responsible for every Israeli man, woman or child killed in the aftermath. Obama stands with France. No other nation supports us. Even the Russian President, Putin, realizes aiding enemies who eat the organs of those they kill in battle is insane.

Join us in petitioning Burr to change his stance! He needs to vote NO! America does not go to war simply because the president says we should and not doing anything would make him look like a fool! NO WAR WITH SYRIA!

Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Time: 4pm-5:45pm

Location: Burr's Winston-Salem office- 2000 West First Street in Winston-Salem, NC

Feel free to pass along. I have requested the permit and have been told by the Sgt that I will have it this afternoon. Kay Hagan also supports the use of force in Syria, but her heels are dug in a bit deeper. Virginia Foxx's office tells me they believe she will vote NO. Call them all anyway and voice your opinion and also remind them we still want to defund obamacare! :)

Foxx: 202-225-2071
Speaker Boehner: 877-976-7521

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