Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kernersville, NC: The Constitution was Upheld! Permit to Protest Appeal-VICTORY!

By now, conservatives across the nation have heard of the "Overpasses to Impeach Obama" movement. The protests are happening on overpasses all across the nation, with the exception of one small town in North Carolina. Back on August 5, 2013 a lady, Janice Carroll, submitted a permit request to protest on the Salisbury Street Bridge and the permit was denied by the Kernersville Police Department. The forms were posted on the town website, but I cannot seem to locate them this morning as I write about the appeal process. Town of Kernersville, NC Website You can read about the snowballing of the movement here: Movement to Impeach Obama Snowballing, in case you were not aware of the size of the movement.

Harvey had his one sign supported by the bridge....the officer is removing it.
Harvey Holding his permits
Harvey, an elderly gentleman in his eighties, went out to the bridge to protest anyway. He received a citation for not having a permit to protest, even though he was alone. Harvey did have a sign tied to the bridge, as well. Officers removed Harvey and his signs. Harvey is in his 80s, going through radiation treatment and has stamina issues because of his current health situation. The pictures here are the photos Harvey took on the bridge. He was alone, and as such, was not required to have a permit. The police said that Harvey was blocking the sidewalk, and if a wheelchair tried to pass, it would not be able to pass. Harvey explained that he would certainly move if anyone tried to pass and could not. I believe the police car is doing more blocking of the roadway and sidewalk than Harvey's chair. This bridge is about a mile and half from my house. It is new and now has a sidewalk. Perfect for exercising our rights upon!

Harvey, had his Constitution and Declaration of Independence. When the officers asked for his permit, he handed them our founding documents. Truth be told, our founding documents say nothing about a permit requirement for exercising our God-given rights protected by the First Amendment.

Last night, the Board of Alderman met and one of the agenda items was "Consideration of an Appeal of a Denied Petition to Protest on the Salisbury Street Bridge". The original request was denied because of safety concerns. Which sounds like they were concerned for the citizens. Trouble is that this is the only city in the entire US to date, that we know of, that has denied an overpass permit. As was argued last night by the Alderman, we cannot pass laws and ordinances based on maybes. In my opinion, billboards, especially the new flashy ones that light up, are more of a distraction. There are no on-ramps at this bridge- drivers drive straight on the highway under the bridge. We have businesses at another bridge who have dancing people and flipping signs- yet they are protected? Our free political speech is more protected than advertizements!
Police removing Harvey's Belongings

There were 7 speakers at the city council meeting last night. I was one of the seven who spoke about the Constitution, the obligation of our elected officials to uphold our founding documents and the rights of We the People.

 We won the appeal with a split vote of 3-2. Dana Caudill Jones, Keith Hooker and Tracey Shifflette voted in our favor and voted to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Neal Stockton and Irving Neal voted in opposition. While I would have preferred a unanimous vote in favor of the people's rights to peaceably assemble and to protest, we won. Those opposed could only say they voted against the people due to safety concerns.

I am thankful for the 3 Aldermen who stood up for the Constitution and our natural rights. The ordinance will be rewritten, and we the people must continue to show up to ensure it is written in a way that protects FREE Speech!

You can see pictures of other Impeach Obama overpasses in our county from local media reports. Protesters Call for Impeachment of Obama Judging from the pictures, our bridge in Kernersville was even safer!

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