Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Protest At Richard Burr's Office

Surprisingly, a few of the folks who came in after us to talk to Senator Burr didn't get a kind reception. One of the ladies in his office laughed at them and told them they were stupid! 

I went in with three others. Here I am with Reggie outside his office. 
Then I snapped this photo of my friends talking to Burr's staffer:
After we left, other people came in to speak. We stood on the sidewalk for over an hour. Many people were waving, honking and giving us thumbs up. A school bus driver, UPS driver, the hospital bus driver, an ambulance driver and many others. One man stopped and repeatedly yelled the F word at us without a care for the children in attendance. Another lady came by twice so she could yell, "Shame on you," and wag her finger. We just laughed. I told the F bomb man I'd pray for him. They both parked along the sidewalk- very bizarre. 

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