Friday, September 20, 2013

Obamacare IS Socialized Medicine

The left is constantly getting on us for saying that Obamacare is Socialized Medicine. They can't handle the truth.


By dictating what insurance companies must cover and what they cannot cover, the government controls the medical system. The government says, as of next year, you must have a *government approved* insurance plan. THAT is socialism. You cannot purchase insurance that covers the things YOU want- you have to purchase insurance that covers the things government dictates. Socialism removes freedom. Socialism removes choice. With Obamacare, you lose the freedom to choose any plan you want. You have to choose a government plan or pay a penalty tax. How is that NOT socialism? or better still, how is that NOT communism? Basically, the Democrats want you to think you have the freedom to choose..... that's why they want companies to offer several *government approved* plans. 

When an HHS Secretary can force practicing Catholics to violate their religious beliefs, that is socialized medicine. Our government is forcing religious employers to provide insurance plans that cover abortion drugs like Plan B and Ella as well as covering birth control, even if they morally object. Hobby Lobby is facing 1.3 million dollars a day in fines for not obeying the HHS Mandate. This should never happen in America. 

The ACA sets up new departments that will be run by unelected officials that we the people have no recourse to fire. That is socialism! If you read the bill, then you know it repeats over and over "The secretary shall" - there is a section on "Infusion therapy" that says the secretary shall set up a committee and then based on the committee's recommendations decide what medications will be covered under the *government approved* insurance plans. So, the blood product my son infuses weekly, will it make the list? The copay for that blood product stayed the same from 2005-2010- since Obamacare, it has increased 100%. If the government dictates that this blood product is not on their list under government approved health plans, I cannot fire those who made that decision. THAT is socialism.

We've already seen Medicaid patients who used to receive certain treatments be denied those treatments since Obamacare passed. My neighbor's daughter had a heart transplant and is now in her 20s. Treatments they used to cover are no longer covered. A friend of mine adopted a daughter with Sickle Cell Anemia and Medicaid will no longer pay for her pain medication. If you know anything about Sickle Cell, you know it is a very painful disease!  

Remember Barbara Wagner who was denied her chemotherapy  by the state of Oregon. She died after appealing twice and being denied. The state did offer to pay for her assisted suicide. THAT is socialized medicine. We don't want this in America and that is why we are fighting to defund Obamacare.


Anonymous said...

Instead of spouting half-truths, why not give full information. Like the fact that a health insurance plan must meet minimum requirements to be "approved", and that 99% of the health plans people already have through their employers already meet the requirements and therefore won't change. Why don't you highlight facts like that? Or the fact that most Americans who already have health insurance won't even experience changes in their policy. For all the doom and gloom on increased fees, only one of my company's plans is increasing for next year, and it is only increasing 3%.

Pattie Curran said...

Dear Anonymous liberal, what planet are you living on? My hubby's employer benefit plan has dropped coverage from an 85/15 plan to an 80/20 plan because the law only requires an 80/20. If you read the other posts on my blog, you will see that our plan changed very little from 2005-2010 and since then we have had astronomical increases that we cannot afford. Employers are cutting hours and benefits while at the same time they are increasing the amount their employees pay in. You can also see a few posts back, the letter from my husband's employer showing a 7.4 million increase for their health plans in 2014. Why do YOU ignore facts like that. PS- when comment are made by anonymous folks, they are less likely to get through. I can't stand spineless liberals who can't even put a name with their comments.

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