Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Invite Your NC Senators and Representatives to Our Town Hall

We have scheduled a Town Hall meeting for August 19th at 6pm. Many Senators and Representatives are not having town halls this summer break- that's where you come in- we need YOU to write to them and ask them to show up. They need to meet with their constituents!  Use this sample letter below and email/mail/fax it to your Senators and Representative. 

Dear [Senator, Rep]

Please be aware that the citizens of the 5th and 12th Districts have scheduled a Town Hall meeting for Aug. 19th at 6 PM in Winston Salem at Forsyth Tech Bolton Campus. We would like to invite [Sen/ Rep.] to attend and hear from the citizens as well as speak to the citizens. Our primary concern, at this time, is the movement in the US Congress to DEFUND ObamaCare. We would love to hear from Sen. , Rep, and to learn where he/she stands on this very important issue.

We are asking our Sens, Reps, to lend their full support to the Defund ObamaCare movement.
We are asking [Rep ------] to sign the letter by Rep. Mark Meadows in which he says, “In light of the Administration’s recent delay of the employer mandate and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal, it is imperative, now more than ever, that Congress do everything in its power to halt the implementation of the healthcare law,” Meadows writes. “It is entirely unacceptable that the IRS, a government agency that actively discriminates against Americans, is in charge of implementing a law that Americans do not want.”

We are asking [Sen. Burr/Hagan] to join with Sen Mike Lee in pledging to stop this ObamaCare Monster. Known as the Affordable Health Care Act, this disaster is anything but affordable and is a catalyst to destroy the world's best health Care system.

We encourage [Sen/Rep] to join us for this Town Hall Meeting to explain his/her position on this very important issue.

I would like to ask for a response to this letter and I thank you in advance for a prompt reply.

[you name and contact info]

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