Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20K in OOP Medical

As of August 12, we are $60 shy of reaching 20K in OOP medical. $19,940.33. I've been busy planning protests of Richard Burr and planning a local town hall & had not had the time to update. I leave with my youngest for appointments in Atlanta tomorrow...so we'll be crossing that 20K mark soon enough!

Liberals: Yes...it is Obamacare and not corporate greed. Read my earlier posts about our life between 2005-2010- where was the corporate greed then? You've got to ask yourselves "What in obamacare makes corporations even greedier?", if that is all you can give me is that all our woes are caused by corporate greed! AND, if Obamcare makes the greed worse, you should be on our side to repeal it- just sayin'.  #defundobamacare before it defunds my family and our nation!


Prescription copays: $5,808.75
urinary catheters: $468.53
Dental: $2,299.02
Oral Surgery: $1,368.00
Doctor visits: $4,289.47
MRI $572.46
X-ray/ U/s: $438.85
PT/OT: $25.57
Eye Care (Eye doc/glasses): $314.00
Labs: $1,119.43
ER visits: $570.95
Misc: $1,215.43 (includes, arm braces, orthotics, etc)
OTC Mito Cocktail: $728.18
Bone Marrow Biopsies: $721.60


Anonymous said...

Pattie, I have a child with a chronic medical issue, on TPN, so we share many of the same costs. I am not, clear, however, how the Affordable Care Act has specifically increased these costs (I am not arguing your costs may have increased but not sure how you arrived at it being due to the Affordable Care Act). Our prescription co-pays have never counted toward our OOP maxes, before or now. Neither has dental or vision--they are separate policies and never counted toward our medical OOP. Please don't take this as an argument--I am just curious how you determined this. How about the fact that previous to the Affordable Care Act, our children's care was subject to lifetime maximums? We would have exceeded the lifetime max, making every single medical cost not covered at all had the Affordable Care Act not been passed.

Pattie Curran said...

Yes, the totals are for ALL medical insurance. ALL premiums have increased. I know it is obamacare, as I have stated in other posts. 2005-2010, OOP Max increased $500, since 2010, it has increased $3000. 2005-2010, Deductible increased $50, since 2010, it has increased $1,200. What happened in 2010 to make the increase GROW? Obamacare. Our premiums stayed the same in 2009/2010...since then, they have increased $1,528. This is not a bad medical year for us and we should not be at 20K even with dental and vision, etc.. vision, dental and even oral surgeries have happened in our house-- the year my son had neurosurgery and we had 4 other surgical procedures, our OOP Max was around 16K! YOU tell me why we have a *light* year and we're at 20K? From 2005-2010, we paid around 4-5K in copays for meds... those same meds now will cost us 10K. A blood product my son infuses weekly-- stayed the same for 5 years... since 2010, the copay has increased 100%. You tell me what happened in 2010 to cause the increase. I know what it was. I support the free market and while there are *maybe* one or two good things in the law, it needs to be repealed. I would prefer my children be able to get a job and get their own insurance. We had great coverage before Obamacare - we liked our insurance.

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