Thursday, August 29, 2013

Help Us Defund Obamacare!

Please help us defund, delay and defeat Obamacare! Share this meme of Facebook and Twitter!

This is the last chance we have to stop Obamacare. The 3 North Carolina voting members of the RNC brought a resolution to defund Obamacare up to the RNC. It passed the RNC unanimously! Speaker Boehner needs to hear from you that you support the Republican Party's resolution to defund Obamacare AND that you expect him to lead the fight to defund Obamacare through the Continuing Resolution (CR). He must stand with his own party!

The House can defund Obamacare through the CR while still funding the rest of government. Defunding Obamacare will NOT cause a government shutdown. Ask him to stand with Senator Mike Lee, Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Mark Meadows in the fight to defund Obamacare.

Call the Speaker's office: 877-976-7521 (use the 877 number because ForAmerica is tracking the number of calls made to his office using this number)

  • Remind him that his own party passed a resolution UNANIMOUSLY to defund Obamacare. Tell him to STAND with the us and the RNC resolution.
  • Also remind him that we the people have spoken- we send our wishes up through the party- he doesn't tell us what we want- we tell him what WE want! And we want Obamacare defunded!
  • Tell Mr. Speaker that we know defunding Obamacare does not cause a shut down. If he has questions, he can contact Freedomworks, Heritage Foundation or other conservative think tanks that have researched this!
  • The People's House controls the purse by design! Use YOUR voice to let them know they must not fund Obamacare in the CR!
Also send him an email through the Speaker's website letting him know you want Obamacare defunded through the CR:

We need  the tsunami of phone calls and emails that Senator Ted Cruz asked us to make. We can Defund, delay and defeat Obamacare!

I spoke at 4 town halls across North Carolina in the last week and a half- we are not alone! Hundreds and hundreds of people came to each town hall and want obamacare defunded! Join us in the fight! 80 Patriots showed up on a work day to protest at Senator Richard Burr's office to let him know what we thought of his "dumbest idea": comment! Pass this along to your friends and ask them to call and email the Speaker, as well!We can win this fight!

Lastly, pray for us- Sept 16-18, I am going with a few other moms to meet with our representatives and Senators. We are also going to visit every single office in Congress and ask them to defund Obamacare.

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