Friday, August 30, 2013

Got the Obamacare Notice in the Mail

I'm sure the notice is to prepare us for the hikes to come thanks to the unAffordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. The crappiest law ever passed in our nation's history. 

Hubby's employer states that the cost of their healthcare plans will increase $7.4 million in 2014. We are sitting here wondering how much of that cost will be passed on to us in paying higher portions of premiums, having our deductibles, copays and OOP maxes increased yet again.... I suppose we shouldn't expect a raise, either? No, wait, the left expects the company to eat the extra costs. 

I'm sure the lefties are going to post comments about corporate greed and how obamacare isn't really even in effect yet. Because we all know corporations lie and never care about their employees. In fact, the left seems to think they want unhappy employees making their products, selling and designing their products..... because we all know unhappy employees give them more bang for their buck. 

The left lacks the ability to use any search engine to search "Obamacare timeline", apparently. 

Pics from the document we received - with the company name marked out. Let's defund this law!


Anonymous said...

which is it - 7.4 billion or 7.4 million?

Pattie Curran said...

LOL sorry-- that was a typo. If you READ the actual flyer I posted, you can SEE for yourself that it is 7.4 million. From the actual flyer, you would be able to infer that "Billion" was a typo. It's the common core getting to you- lack of deductive reasoning. I think the picture of the flyer would have cleared it up for you.

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