Thursday, August 29, 2013

CALL TO ACTION! Call and Email Speaker Boehner!

Call and email Speaker Boehner's office (see number and email below) and let him know you support the resolution to defund #Obamacare that passed the RNC UNANIMOUSLY! Let him know that WE THE PEOPLE tell him what we want and that he doesn't get to tell us what we want! We want to #defundobamacare through the CR without shutting down the government. The People's House controls the purse strings BY DESIGN! The House can pass a CR to fund the government without funding Obamacare and thus no government shutdown. Do this today and start again tomorrow!   877-976-7521 Email him via this link, too:

 Sample Tweets to send to Speaker Boehner:

@SpeakerBoehner the RNC unanimously passed a resolution to #defundobamacare WE the PEOPLE tell you what WE want!YOU represent us! Defund it!

@SpeakerBoehner stand with YOUR party- #defundobamacare The RNC passed a resolution to defund #obamacare -it is your JOB to do what we ask!

Call to action!Let Speaker Boehner know you support the UNANIMOUSLY passed RNC resolution to #defundobamacare #PJNET

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