Thursday, August 15, 2013


I am absolutely amazed at the feedback from the video I threw together in just a few minutes! It's not professional, no teleprompter, just a few bullet notes..... less than 24 hrs later and it has 1,091 views. Who knew videos would have a larger impact than anything else I have ever done!?

As we are working on the Summer Slam to DEFUND Obamacare, a friend suggested that I make a quick video- literally one hour later, I was uploading to YouTube.  Thank you all so much for your comments and for sharing my video! I personally think I look like a dork, but hey--I'm willing to look like a dork if I can get the message out about what Obamacare is doing to my family. My children deserve better and I will fight for them.

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Anonymous said...

No surprise on the lack of attention from Senator Hagan's office, Pattie. I visited her in February, and personally handed her a letter from one of her constituents who has been lied to and extorted from an "exchange" in Utah, explained to her that the issue affected EVERY retiree for a large corporation in the Triad area, and gave her my contact info to get the ball rolling in stopping this abuse. Not a word. Meanwhile, Rep. Virginia Foxx's office is looking into the abuse, and she personally assured met that she would do something about the abuse. Hagan must go, and we must take back the Senate in '14 to have any hope of ridding our country of UCA (Unaffordable Care Act). I am remaining anonymous for reasons I cannot get into, but my friend Ron can get you in touch with me - I started following you just now as well. All the best.

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