Saturday, August 24, 2013

Defund Obamacare Town Hall: Winston-Salem, NC

The Winston-Salem Journal reported that 180 people showed up for our 5th and 12th NC Congressional districts town hall this past Monday. That means we had at least 225, since the Journal always underestimates our numbers! 

None of our representatives or senators showed up. Virginia Foxx wrote a letter. We had Dean Clancy from Freedomworks speak about the defund movement. Defund, delay and defeat are the 3 points he made. 

Two candidates for Senate came out to speak: Greg Brannon and Heather Grant. Vince Coakley, considering a run in the 12th also spoke. Bill Flynn was our MC. 

A few pictures from the night:
Me with Greg Brannon, candidate for US Senate 2014

We had a nice crowd, more people to the left not on screen:

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