Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Message from a Nurse on Obamacare

I had to share this one because it is much like the message from our non-political doctor on Obamacare. It is shocking. A nurse writes:

"Just want you to know that as a nurse in the hospital I am right there with you about this NON Affordable Care Act. Hospitals and doctor's offices all over this country are dying. You cannot offer more free services, get paid less or not at all for your usual services, be sued frivolously constantly, offer every employee health insurance, and at the same time install government mandated computer systems that require multimillion dollar security software and dozens of IT people to manage it. I cannot tell you how many extra hours I spend at the computer anymore. I should have gone into IT!"

She went on to say, "We appreciate your constant activism. We often live in fear of speaking out as our jobs are literally on the line. Did you hear about Vanderbilt's massive layoff? Vanderbilt of all places!"

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