Saturday, July 27, 2013

$257,482.66 Is What Our Insurance Has Paid in 2013

$257,482.66 is what our insurance has paid out so far in 2013 for medications and medical claims with some 12 medical bills still pending. ($30,742.79 in medical claims and $226,739.87 for medications). Our issues are not insurance related, they are ALL Obamacare related. Repeal it!


Chris Buczeksmith said...

Can you delineate how they are ObamaCare related? Under ObamaCare (ACA) in 2014 your out of pocket max will be severely capped -- i.e.: much less than the number you are experience in 2013. Your family is in the unfortunate circumstance of needing services but the legislation promises you a cap on your out of pocket that you don't have right now. That being said it is possible that your 2013 situation is made worse by ObamaCare but the question is -- how are your current expenses and how they have risen tied to ObamaCare?

Pattie Curran said...

I did-- insurance paid 226K for medications and 30K for medical claims. Not sure what else you want? Our out of pocket max used to be $4,500 and now it is $7,500 since Obamacare passed. It had been $4,500 for 5 years prior to the law passing. Where our copays for medications used to be 5K, we are on target for those same meds to cost 10K this year.

As an example-- this year we are at 19K in out of pocket medical... and we've only had 3 surgical procedures- back in 2006, with neurosurgery and 4 other surgical procedures and the same meds, we were 16K for the year. We will likely have a 24K year or more this year.

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