Thursday, July 11, 2013

SB 353 Passes in NC House

The last bill for today was SB 353 - Debate lasted 3 hours before the final vote. The bills sponsors explained the bill and then Democrats launched into the same attacks they had on Tuesday. They stood in opposition of the requirement to having a doctor physically present on the premises, a small change from having to be physically present for the procedure. They, once again, opposed any increased regulations being placed on abortion facilities. Funny to hear Democrats oppose an increase in regulations.

The first house member to object began by using the constitution to support abortion. Democrats forget that the first unalienable right, protected by the US Constitution, is the right to LIFE. Without Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not possible. Without life, one cannot enjoy any other right. God does not give us, nor does the constitution protect, the right to murder another human being. SB353 doesn't limit access to abortion, it just makes it safer for women.  

Planned Parenthood is a SHAM
The pink people showed up with their Planned Parenthood t-shirts. Many brought babies. It blows my mind that they would bring their kids. What do they tell their children?  "Oh little Johnny, you know mama REALLY loves you because I didn't abort you like I did your brother. Don't you feel extra special, Johnny?" A few had on hand-painted shirts. THIS was classic. Sitting among the Planned Parenthood supporters, these people spelled out "SHAM" for quite some time.  Yes, Planned Parenthood is a SHAM!  

The most ridiculous costume goes to Super-V who thinks the world revolves around her V. This woman in pink had a gold cape with a 3-D V sew onto the cap. I shared my photos of Super-V with Sister Toldjah - you can see them on her blog: 

The bill passed this afternoon and so many of us are very thankful for the pro-life Republicans who stood up in the face of opposition and stayed strong!  Here are pictures of my pro-life friends who  showed up this morning. If you look closely at the top photo, you'll see a pink lady with a baby in a sling. 

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